Monday, November 28, 2022

UB SRC benchmarks on students with disability in Cape Town

In one of their efforts to properly execute their mandate on students’ welfare, the University of Botswana (UB) Student Representative Council (SRC) leadership recently travelled to Cape Town for a benchmarking visit at the University of Western Cape.

The benchmarking focused on issues relating to, and affecting students with disability. According to UB SRC President Jacob Jacques Kelebeng, who was also the head of delegation, the trip has enlightened them on many aspects and they are now ready to challenge government to come up with clear policies on learners with special educational needs.

Kelebeng said they want government to make sure that all tertiary institutions develop appropriate, holistic programmes and or support services for students with disabilities.

He said the UB SRC will also call for the strengthening of management processes and policy formulation of disability support services units. The student leader has also called for the establishment of professional collaborations that can provide a platform to share information on the latest assistive technology that could be considered for resourcing of the proposed Disability Resource Rooms.

He said the university must appreciate the best practices in coordination of modern resource centers and explore access to specific training available for specialist staff working with students with disabilities at university level.

Kelebeng said the SRC appreciates the work that has been done by the Disability Support Service (DSS) and as such they have taken a step further to strengthen their working relationship with the DSS by sharing with each other the necessary information in an effort to liberate students with disability.

“We want the University of Botswana to lead in launching a campaign on clear policies on issues affecting students living with disability,” Kelebeng told The Telegraph in an interview.

Kelebeng’s entourage during the Western Cape visit was made up of SRC Vice President Wisdom Sibanda, SRC Acting Administrative Secretary Malumbela Gombalume, SRC-Minister of Entertainment (buildings and structures) Tshediso Mongalo and two students recommended by the Disability Support Services, Tefo Frank Siska and Onnetse Isaah.


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