Saturday, August 13, 2022

UB?s notorious ?Peeping Tom? rearrested after short-lived escape

Tebogo Oabile, 29, who enjoyed peeping at women as they took their baths at the UB hostels was on February 27, 2007 rearrested and charged with criminal trespass.

Oabile, who had previously been arrested by the UB security guards for the same offence but escaped at the doorstep of the Central Police Station before formal charges could be laid against him, did not plead guilty on Wednesday as he was arraigned before Urban customary court president, Dikwalo Monametsi.

Boitumelo Madimabe, a first year UB social sciences student, said she was, on the day in question, busy taking a bath when suddenly Oabile appeared from nowhere. She said she quickly wrapped herself with a towel after seeing Oabile looking at her naked form.

?I ran to my room lest the intruder attacked. A few minutes later, I reported the incident to the school security guards,? Madimabe told the court. ?I described the accused to the guards, even the blue jeans and the grey T-shirt he donned during the day.?

A search party comprising of the guards and herself was dispatched to look for him around the school campus.

Oabile was later arrested at the gate and pleaded with Madimabe to pardon him.

Madimabe said she could not pardon the accused because the accused was a regular tormentor on campus, particularly in the women?s quarters.

Patrick Lasaro, a security guard at the UB, substantiated Madimabe?s version and added. ?It was not the first time to see the accused.?

During the past year, Lasaro said, the accused was arrested for similar offences.

?Oabile escaped and ran away before formal charges could be laid against him,? Lasaro told the court.

Oabile failed to exonerate himself and the Court found him guilty. He pleaded with the court to be lenient with him to which Kgosi Monametsi responded, ?The accused was matlhola a di dira?- meaning the accused continued brushing against the law with no intent to stop.

The case was postponed to give police time to check on previous convictions and past criminal records. He was remanded in custody.


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