Tuesday, May 21, 2024

UDC implored to ‘professionalise’ politics

Khumoekae Richard, the young political activist and author of the book, ‘The Scandalous Murdering of Democracy’ has called on the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) leadership to professionalise the science of politics.

Speaking at a rally organised by Gabane-Mankgodi elected UDC politicians to thank voters in Gabane on Saturday, Richard said politics is science and it is high time UDC politicians quit applying common sense when addressing political issues. He said this called for application of several subjects.

“Firstly, there is need for financial investment. The party should come up with strategies of raising funds. We should not oppose capital as in resources, but rather capitalism as in political ideology.

With finances we can counter the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP). We cannot think of becoming the next ruling party if we are regionalised. The BDP has permeated the whole country but it seems we are only in the Southern part of the country. With enough funds raised we can reach even remote areas,” said Richard in a brief interview after the rally.

“The party should organise training to raise the level of debate for its cadres. Their level of appreciation of circumstances should be raised. That way various talents can be applied to form a team of professionals and artists like poets and writers, capable of producing as much as possible, people who can be called to debate on whatever topic at whatever time wherever it will be deemed appropriate,” he said.

Another speaker at the rally, Dr. Elmon Tafa bemoaned the fact that in the past elections, BDP was elected by 320 659 voters while UDC was elected by 207 113 and the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) was elected by 140 998.

This means the opposition was elected by 348 914, indicating that BDP was elected by 28 255 less voters than those who elected the opposition parties combined. Thus, he claimed, the minority is ruling the country.

He advised that for the party to keep the 17 seats they won in the past elections and continue to add more, it needs to develop what is called, ‘extra parliamentary session’.

This entails an arrangement where in a situation where Member of Parliament is to table a motion on the welfare of, say domestic workers, arrangements are made to mobilise them so that on the day that the motion on their welfare is tabled, they march to the national assembly.

He said the same thing was practiced but with low profile by senior army officers of the Botswana Defence Force whenever motions about their service were tabled.

“Now that you have elected your MPs and councilors do not distance yourselves from them. Move closer to them so that you are kept abreast about your needs and grievances,” he advised voters.


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