Monday, November 29, 2021

UDC threatens to imprison BDP ‘wrongdoers’

The opposition Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) will not hesitate to imprison wrong doers in the ruling Botswana Democratic Party should there be concrete evidence that they committed offences of misrule during their tenure.

At the launch of BDP candidates recently at Gweta village, President Khama implored the residents to shun opposition parties for as they would imprison their party leaders during the transition of power.

The same sentiments were reiterated at the weekend as the ruling party launched its council candidate Ntebaleng Modise at Old Naledi location.

“You cannot develop goose bumps over nothing. If a person fears for his life for nothing know that there is something wrong,” said Oabile Mafunga in an interview on Monday, adding that there was no smoke without fire.

“Should there be concrete evidence that the ruling party committed offences of corruption during their rule surely they have to face the music,” Mafunga said.

Wooing supporters at the launch on Saturday, a council candidate for Marang Tsholofelo East ward Cynthia Seilane also sounded the alarm.

“Do you like President Khama for presidency? If you like him vote for Molatlhegi and Ntebaleng,” Seilane urged her predominantly BDP audience, clad in party colours of red T-shirts with a portrait of Modise.

BDP supporters came out in support of President Khama, shouting that they would not dare commit such a mistake as to vote for the opposition.

“Should you dare vote for them they are going to imprison your party leadership including your President Ian Khama. They promise to do so. Do you want your leaders in jail,” asked Seilane who came all the away from Gaborone North constituency to give solidarity to her colleague.

The audience chanted and ululated “Khama wa rona.”

Seilane said the waters have been clear under the BDP rule, advising her audience not to stir the still waters by voting for the opposition parties.

“Under our true and patriotic rule you get free ARV medication which will not be available under the opposition parties,” the aspiring council candidate cautioned.

As much as the ruling party programmes are disliked by the opposition parties, so too their programmes be disliked by the ruling party members when they assume office, Moemedi Mokgachane said.

“You should not be fooled,” Mokgachane said.

Together with incumbent Member of Parliament for Gaborone South constituency Kagiso Molatlhegi, Ntebaleng and the team of councilors are yet to be launched collectively.

The candidates plunged into the political limelight for the first time in the constituency during the previous national elections, previously the strong hold of the opposition Botswana National Front for decades.

During the eve of the elections they were officially launched by President Khama who arrived on a bicycle and danced on the floor on what was later to be known as the “Khama magic”.

All the five wards but one won the council seats including the constituency, ending the opposition dominance in the area.


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