Thursday, March 30, 2023

UDC youth apologize to Mochudi constituents

Umbrella for Democratic Change Youth League (UDCYL) on Monday apologised for taking for granted the trust that the constituents of Mochudi had bestowed on them.

UDCYL sees the loss at the weekend as a blessing in disguise, and as a wakeup call to all the members of the three parties that constitute the coalition.

UDCYL president Phenyo Segokgo told a press conference on Monday that it was time for the UDC to pull up its socks.

“It is now old news that this past weekend the BCP won the Mochudi Bokone council seat by-election that we had won at the general election, which was again necessitated by the resignation from council by one of ours,” he said.

The youth congratulated the BCP for their win in Mochudi over the weekend and at the same time apologised for disappointing the people of Mochudi especially in the Bokone ward.

“We would at this point like to apologise for taking your trust for granted. We at the UDCYL see the loss at the weekend as a blessing in disguise, and as a wakeup call to all of us,” said Segokgo.

UDCYL said obviously they took too long a sabbatical leave to celebrate their limited success at the past general elections as some commentators have already alluded to.

“That can be very dangerous to our quest for attaining state power in 2019. In our view the loss was a necessary evil that serves as a wakeup call to the UDC that has somewhat been resting on their laurels over the past few months,” Segokgo said.

The youth movement hopes this will spur them all on, starting with their leaders in parliament. “We anticipate seeing more robust debates and interventions at national level going forward.”

“We cannot, and we will not be seen to be part and parcel of a voiceless parliament and not do anything about it. We as the movement’s youth will engage with our MPs to ensure that issues are articulated timely in parliament,” said Segokgo.

The youth intend to hold a youth lekgotla towards the end of July where as the UDC youth they will meet and craft a programme of action that will ensure that their vigour is felt along the path to victory in 2019.

“The country is facing momentous problems that need us to stand and be counted, and we shall do exactly that. The BDP has sensed looming danger and has gone to war! We are saying bring it on ÔÇô we are more than ready to defend the future of this republic,” said Segokgo.

He added that “Batswana in general, partisan or non-partisan are looking to us to save them from the rather disastrous management of the country by the BDP.”

Segokgo further emphasized their apologies; “we would like to apologise to the nation for having taken this task you have entrusted upon us lightly over the last couple of months. We promise to take the task on with the vigour that you have come to associate us.”


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