Friday, March 24, 2023

Union to meet over Tafa, Khama brother appointment to UB Council

University of Botswana Academic and Senior Staff Support Union are yet to meet over ┬ádifference of opinions on the appointment of Parks Tafa and President Khama’s brother, Anthony Khama, to the UB Council.

A senior Partner at Collins Newman, Tafa is also the lawyer for the University of Botswana.

There have been different opinions among the University of Botswana staff following the appointment of the two by the Minister of Education and Skills Development recently.

University of Botswana Academic and Senior Staff Support Union President, Thapelo Otlogetswe, revealed in an in an interview that the union has not yet met to take a position on the appointment of the two to the council.

The Union leadership says the position purported to have been taken by the union to reject the two was an idea proposed by some individuals who wanted the issue to be debated.

Otlogetswe said that, as the union, they have not seen anything un-procedural in the appointment of the two by the minister but some of the staff members at the University insist that the issue should be debated.  

There are rumours that some senior staff members were against the appointment of Tafa as a chairman of the UB Council.

Otlogetswe indicated that a staff member who had authored a letter proposing that the matter should be debated is fuming over a leak purporting that the union was requested to reject the two.

Otlogetswe further stated that some staff members at the university are reluctant to discuss the matter following a leaked letter that he referred to as “stolen”.

“This is not how we deal with the media. The letter was written by one of our colleagues┬ábut it was later leaked to the media…The fact of the matter is that the letter was not requesting the union to reject them but was proposing for a debate surrounding the issue,” added Otlogetswe.

He indicated that they have not heard any argument about the damage that the two will bring to the Council though some have expressed different positions on the matter.

He said that Tafa as a chairman will not have powers that will override the council because the unions will be represented in the Council.

“You should know that his law firm is also the official law firm for the university. We have not yet heard of any single issue that is genuine that can disqualify him for the positions,” said Otlogetswe.


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