Thursday, July 7, 2022

University of Botswana holds week-long Recruitment Fair

UB’s Careers and Counseling Department commenced the week with a recruitment fair held at the university’s student center. The recruitment fair is an initiative by the new unit under Careers and Counseling Department called the Job Placement Unit. The unit was established in 2010.

Charles Sibanda, a student at the university who works part-time at the Recruitment Unit, said that the recruitment fair is one of its own kind as they had called potential employers to come and talk to students about open positions at their companies.

“They will mostly tell students about internships available but, most importantly, they will also be here to talk about attachment opportunities at their companies.”

Present at the fair were hopeful students. A great number of them flocked to the BCL stand where everyone was out to get a piece of information on the available positions at the mining company.

One of the representatives explained to the large number of students that they are welcome to hand in their CVs, transcripts, copies of certificates and copies of their Omang for internship and attachment consideration. He also said that they will be opening applications for their graduate training soon. He told prospective graduates to be on the lookout for the training program, which will be advertised in the media.

Those interested can fax, email or hand-deliver their CVs, copies of the transcripts, copies of their certificates and copies of their Omang at BCL. Citizens of Botswana are the only ones eligible for consideration.

Orange made up most of the stands with most of their departments coming in to talk to students.

Amongst those present from the Orange offices were the Legal and Corporate Affairs Department, the HR Department and Finance Department, amongst others.

Sibanda said that they invited Orange to come and talk to students about the opportunities available in all of their departments.

“This is going to be a weeklong event. And many other departments from Orange will come throughout the week. Students are welcome to go to relevant stalls and they’ll be told what they need to do to work for Orange, to be a part of their family. There are also other companies which will make presentations during the course of the week. These are Stanbic, PCW and FNB.”

A representative from Orange said that students could send in their CVs to their recruitment email address [email protected] from which she said sometimes they source their potential employees from.

“We, however, tend to take interns from the government internship program and when positions open up in the company, we pick from interns already with us in the company. Attachments are also available. You could drop your CVs at our Mall Branch for consideration. The one next to BPC.”

Tumisang Sankoloma, a 3rd year Accounting student at the university said that she was hoping to get an attachment from one of the companies.

“My main goal is to get experience.”

With a tinge of despair, she looked around at the swarming bodies at the recruitment fair.
“Everyone is looking for a job,” she said.

Sibanda said that the unit is holding the recruitment fair for the second time. The first one having been held the previous year.

“Job placement will not work without careers and careers will not work without job placement. We are simply trying to bring students closer to the corporate. Students often graduate and have no idea on where to set foot first in order to get a job.”

The fair will be hosted from the 8th of April to the 12th of April. Starting at 8am and finishing at 4:30pm every day.


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