Monday, June 24, 2024

US-Africa summit supercharges local enterprises

Local entrepreneurs at the just ended 15th US-Africa business summit that was held at Royal Aria Convention Centre in Tlokweng are optimistic of attracting foreign investors and ultimately export their products to the rest of the world.

An exhibitor of breakthrough Power holdings, Kgosi Mosupiemang, said he is fortunate to have been part of the 4 day summit adding that he has so far made use of the event to market his artistic work to delegates and attract investment.

“This is a huge platform for me as an entrepreneur to market my products and hopefully attract potential investors because my ambition is to have my work beyond the country’s borders. All the artworks I do resonate with the country’s heritage and I strongly believe that potential investors will see value in this work,” he said.

On the other hand, Dineo Gobatilwe of Dinny Leather Works also shared that she travelled from Palapye to seek investment for her business that was funded through the Youth Development Fund (YDF) in 2014.

“I am delighted to have been given such an opportunity to come and network with potential investors and buyers and I must say that quite a good number of delegates were impressed by my products and we exchanged contacts. This platform offered me a great opportunity to also show delegates the end use of the leather we derive from our rich cattle,” added Gobatilwe.

Gobatilwe further indicated that such high profile events should be staged every now and then to inspire more local businesses to strike deals with international companies.

“This is one great event which has helped me in terms of marketing my products to the rest of the world and hopefully I will also get an opportunity at some point to penetrate the rest of the world,” said Gobatilwe.

The Marketing and Promotions Manager of Motherwell investments Chotiwa Ntibi, a business that produce tea called real tea said “We have met a series of international investors, people who could possibly distribute our products internationally because currently we are not exporting it, so hopefully we will a get call soon,” she said.

Ntibi further highlighted that there is no doubt that real tea has made a mark on delegates.

She stated that attracting investment will surely boost her business to produce on a large scale knowing that there is a global market to import her products. “There is great hope after this event and my business acumen has also shifted to think beyond borders because that is where more money is,” added Ntibi.


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