Thursday, May 23, 2024

Venson threatens to expel Sua Township Councilors

Minister of Local Government, Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi has threatened to sack Sua Township Councilors.

The Minister of Local Government is the appointing authority of Specially Elected Councilors.

The minister’s threat to expel councilors comes in the wake of a protracted dispute councilors and Government.

The two have been at a stand-off, with councilors refusing to attend Council meetings.

They say they will only start attending meetings after they had been paid mileage allowances that they say Government owes them.

They have taken Government to court seeking to be paid the allowances.

In the meantime Government feels that by not attending Council meeting, the councilors are trying to hold both Government and public hostage.

On Friday, Venson-Moitoi dispatched one of her assistants in the ministry, Kgotla Autlwetse to go and read the councilors a Riot Act and also deliver an ultimatum that they will be sacked by Friday if by then they had still not convened and attended a Council meeting.

While councilors have taken Government to court to get their allowances, Council cannot move to appoint an attorney to defend itself unless so authorized by the councilors, who are being deliberately standoffish.

By Monday Venson-Moitoi conformed that she has sent Autlwetse to deliver her stern message to Sua councilors.

She said she would only know her next steps after getting feedback from Autlwetse.

The Telegraph understands that some of the councilors have been arguing that they cannot participate in the process of appointing an attorney to represent council in a matter against themselves because that would amount to conflict of interest.


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