Saturday, December 3, 2022

Venue, date set for COSAFA Cup 2015

The Confederation of Southern African Football Associations (COSAFA) has confirmed venues and kick-off times for the forthcoming COSAFA Cup 2015. The final will be played at the state-of-the-art Moruleng Stadium starting May 30th.

The mining village of Moruleng, some 60-kilometres from Rustenburg, was as also used as a training venue during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The England national team played North West province side Platinum Stars at the facility in a friendly match ahead of the global showpiece. Opened in 2009, Moruleng Stadium regularly hosts a number of Premier Soccer League games. The second venue of COSAFA Cup 2015 will be Olympia Park in Rustenburg, which hosted numerous games during the 1995 Rugby World Cup and a number of Bafana Bafana internationals. The stadium was upgraded before the 2010 FIFA World Cup and also used as a training venue during the World Cup. 

The opening game of the COSAFA tournament will be between Namibia and Seychelles on May 17th at Moruleng with kick-off at 1500hours local time (13h00 GMT). Each match-day venue will have a double-header in the opening pool stage, with Zimbabwe taking on Mauritius later in the day at 17h30 (15h30 GMT). The opening matches at Olympia Park will be staged the following day between Lesotho and Madagascar (17h00 local, 15h00 GMT), and Tanzania and Swaziland (19h30 local, 17h30 GMT). During the knockout stages, two games will be played at each match venue per day. Moruleng Stadium will host an enticing double-header on May 24th featuring Zambia and the winner of Group A (15h00 local, 13h00 GMT) as well as hosts South Africa against Botswana (17h30 local, 15h30 GMT). Olympia Park will stage the next two quarterfinals on May 25th between Ghana and the winner of Group B (15h00 local, 13h00 GMT) as well as Mozambique versus Malawi (17h30 local, 15h30 GMT).

The final for the losing quarterfinalists will be played at Olympia Park on May 29th at 17h00 kick-off (15h00 GMT); while the semi-final matches will both be played at Moruleng on May 28th .The bronze medal match and the final will be played two days later. The deciding match will kick-off at 17h30 local time (15h30 GMT). The COSAFA Cup was launched in 1997 and very quickly became one of the most exciting competitions on the African soccer calendar. It also contributed to the rise to prominence and growth in strength of soccer in Southern Africa.

Through COSAFA, member countries were able to boost their international profile and seek further success on other stages like the African Nations Cup and the World Cup. COSAFA member states include Angola, Botswana, Comoros Islands, Lesotho Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Group A                                 Group B?Namibia                                 Lesotho
Zimbabwe                             Tanzania
Seychelles                             Madagascar
Mauritius                               Swaziland
GROUP STAGE?May 17?MATCH 1: Namibia vs Seychelles┬áÔÇô┬á15h00┬áÔÇô Moruleng?MATCH 2: Zimbabwe vs Mauritius┬áÔÇô┬á17h30┬áÔÇô┬áMoruleng

May 18?MATCH 3: Lesotho vs Madagascar┬áÔÇô┬á17h00┬áÔÇô┬áOlympia Park?MATCH 4: Tanzania vs Swaziland┬áÔÇô┬á19h30┬áÔÇô┬áOlympia Park

May 19?MATCH 5: Seychelles vs Zimbabwe┬áÔÇô┬á17h00┬áÔÇô┬áMoruleng?MATCH 6: Namibia vs Mauritius┬áÔÇô┬á19h30┬áÔÇô┬áMoruleng

May 20?MATCH 7: Madagascar vs Tanzania┬áÔÇô┬á17h00┬áÔÇô┬á Olympia Park?MATCH 8: Lesotho vs Swaziland┬áÔÇô┬á19h30┬áÔÇô┬áOlympia Park

May 21?MATCH 9: Namibia vs Zimbabwe┬áÔÇô┬á17h00┬áÔÇô┬áMoruleng?MATCH 10: Seychelles vs Mauritius┬áÔÇô┬á17h00┬áÔÇô┬áOlympia Park

May 22?MATCH 11: Lesotho vs Tanzania┬áÔÇô┬á17h00┬áÔÇô┬áMoruleng?MATCH 12: Madagascar vs Swaziland┬áÔÇô┬á17h00┬áÔÇô┬á Olympia Park

QUARTERFINALS?May 24?MATCH 13 (QF1): Zambia vs Win. Group A┬áÔÇô┬á15h00┬áÔÇô┬áMoruleng?MATCH 14 (QF2): South Africa vs Botswana┬áÔÇô┬á17h30┬áÔÇô┬áMoruleng

May 25?MATCH 15 (QF3): Ghana vs Win. Group B┬áÔÇô┬á17h00┬áÔÇô┬áOlympia Park?MATCH 16 (QF4): Mozambique vs Malawi┬áÔÇô┬á19h30┬áÔÇô┬áOlympia Park

PLATE SEMIFINALS?May 27?MATCH 17 (SF1): Loser M13 vs Loser M15┬áÔÇô┬á17h00┬áÔÇô┬áOlympia Park?MATCH 18 (SF2): Loser M14 vs Loser M16┬áÔÇô┬á19h30┬áÔÇô┬áOlympia Park
CUP SEMIFINALS?May 28?MATCH 19 (SF1): Win. M13 vs Win. M15┬áÔÇô┬á17h00┬áÔÇô┬áMoruleng?MATCH 20 (SF2): Win. M14 vs Win. M16┬áÔÇô┬á19h30┬áÔÇô┬áMoruleng

PLATE FINAL?May 29?MATCH 21 (Final): Win. M17 vs Win. M18┬áÔÇô┬á17h00┬áÔÇô┬áOlympia Park
THIRD-PLACE PLAY-OFF?May 30?MATCH 22: Loser M19 vs Loser M20┬áÔÇô┬á15h00┬áÔÇô┬áMoruleng
CUP FINAL?May 30?MATCH 23 (Final): Win. M19 vs Win. M20┬áÔÇô┬á17h30┬áÔÇô┬áMoruleng


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