Thursday, August 18, 2022

Victory for Moji’s split personality dress

Botswana’s in-country winner for Redd’s African Fashion Design Awards (RADFA) is Seneo Moji’s ‘two in one dress’ inspired by the shape and colours of a Redd’s Premium Cold bottle. Moji spoke to The Sunday Standard, describing her muse, “Redd’s is a cider targeted at all types of women, casual and elegant. I merged the two in one dress.”

On one hand, the dress has a full elegant skirt layered with green satin and red organza, teamed with a red organza blouse.

“It’s designed in such a way that, it’s a ball gown, but for the after party you can whip off the skirt,” she said. “Underneath is a pair of red velvety Capri pants. The outfit is instantly suitable for club hopping.

“It merges sophistication, elegance and sexiness, and finally, because this year’s theme is Afromagik, I had to use red German print for the African touch,” she said.

A day before Moji’s Saturday night victory, her father, unfortunately, passed away. She, however, feels that her father left her the biggest gift. “This is a very good platform for me,” she said a day after her father’s burial. “My father has always been encouraging me as a designer and he would have been so proud,” she said briefly, evidently preferring no talk at length about her father.

Moji had been running her own company named after her 4 year old son Amiel. “I was making it slowly but surely,” said the Fashion Design and Marketing graduate. “Fashion as an industry is still growing, and how well you do depends on how hard you work,” she said.

When asked about whom she has dressed, she says she dressed Tshepo Maphanyane while she (Tshepo) presented a Btv’s variety show, Diacha. She is also quick to point out: “Every single one of my clients is very important to me; without them I wouldn’t have been able to reach a single one of my goals.”

She is not drawn to any fabrics, “I am very versatile and would not like to be restricted to one fabric. I would rather have any fabric that I use to be of very good quality,” she said.


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