Thursday, July 18, 2024

VIP BIN CLEANING concept hits Botswana

Botswana will in the coming weeks and months wake up to a new concept that takes refuse collection, environmental cleaning and hygiene innovations to altogether new levels as the country gets accustomed to VIP BIN Cleaning.

According to the co-founder of the business in Botswana, Thapelo Letsholo, VIP BIN CLEANING refers to the cleaning of waste containers for both the household and residential properties. He says it is an innovation that has proved remarkably popular in the United Kingdom, Australia and Poland. According to Letsholo, VIP BIN CLEANING will visit homes and commercial properties after trash bins have been emptied and start cleaning the bins ÔÇô at a fee. He says VIP BIN CLEANING uses recycled water and only biodegradable cleaning products and deodorizers to thoroughly clean the bin, “leaving it clean, dry and smelling fresh.”

The UK based Managing Director of VIP BIN CLEANING, Mark Harvey said in an interview that the company has put in place plans to use Botswana as a springboard with which to expand into Africa. He said one option will be to franchise the operations in future. “We will partner with people who understand the market to make sure it’s successful,” said Harvey. Harvey said from experience elsewhere there is evidence that branding is important for VIP BIN CLEANING as is stating environmentally friendly. Already there are plans to set a manufacturing plant for the cleaning units in Botswana, added Harvey.

“What excites me the most is partnering with someone like Thapelo. We have the same outlook and passion for business and we both believe that the quality and professionalism of the brand is of paramount importance. We also agree that being able to improve the quality of the environment and at the same time giving people the opportunity of working with us will make this joint venture a very exciting and enjoyable experience. I am also excited and very impressed with Botswana as I believe it will readily accept our concept and business and it will also be the perfect location for us to use as our showcase and springboard to launch into many African countries.”


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