Thursday, May 23, 2024

Was school teacher in those BDP adverts ‘forced to resign’

Tebogo Setlhomo, the primary school teacher who has been actively involved in political campaigns for the ruling Botswana Democratic Party was recently shown the exit door by the Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MoE).

Information reaching Sunday Standard suggests that Setlhomo, commonly known as Tebbi, who has been the centre of dispute between the BDP and the MoE has come to its end.

It is understood that the teacher was called for a disciplinary hearing before her employers.
Speaking to the Sunday Standard on Friday, Nomsa Zuze, the Public Relations Officer of the MoE, said that Setlhomo was no longer a teacher.

Zuze explained that the MoE, as Setlhomo’s employer, was very worried about her active involvement in politics, which, as a civil servant, is totally not allowed.
She said the ministry wrote her a letter but in her response she resigned from the service on the spot.

“The ministry neither pushed nor forced her to resign from service,” said Zuze. “It was her choice.”

She further said the ministry condemned her acts of being actively involved in party politics while a civil servant and warned teachers that if they are caught dabbling in politics, serious measures would be taken against them.

When contacted for comment Setlhomo could only say: “I cannot comment.”

A few weeks ago before the 2009 general elections, Setlhomo appeared in an ad on the pages of the Daily News in full BDP regalia, casting a ballot for the BDP.

After the BDP victory, she performed some of her best BDP songs in Old Naledi, with President Khama dancing to her tunes.


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