Thursday, January 28, 2021

We Have Met the Enemy – He Is Us!

You are an incredible human being. You’re profoundly unique with remarkable gifts to share with the world. You were born that way; and came to this world to contribute to the growth of this magnificent planet. You were also born to be happy, regardless of the circumstances in your life today.

As a child, this was obvious to you. You instinctively responded to your desire for growth and, as a result, delighted not only yourself but the people around you. You were brimming with confidence and believed that you could be, do or have anything you wanted. You thought you were God’s gift to the world, and you were right.

Then something happened. You came across well-meaning adults, people just like you and me, in the form of parents, school teachers, employers and even friends. They decided it was their duty to prepare you for life’s ‘inevitable’ struggles, by sharing lessons on how to survive in a largely hostile world. Some of the lessons included: don’t talk about how great you are ÔÇô it’s boastful and will only make you a target for envious people, as if your hiding your talents could help these unfulfilled people in any way.

Another lesson may have revolved around the scarcity of resources, related to money, jobs and even good fortune. With this latter lesson, you may have been taught that only a limited number of people could succeed and usually, they came from the same lineage, which explained their success. The rest had to content themselves with contributing in small, unremarkable ways; and desist from upsetting established social structures by daring to be great.

With time, you learned to bury your ambitions and deny your hunger for more, even to yourself, in exchange for other people’s approval and modest power, including over your own life. You settled into a comfortable existence and managed to convince yourself that, because other people around you were struggling, it was right and normal that you should struggle too.

As a result, you may not care much for people who stand out, or shine in social or professional situations. You label them as show-offs, or attention seekers; and because there is a consensus around this – amongst similarly disgruntled people – your feelings that it is safer to remain in the background and avoid ruffling feathers became validated.

Do you know why you feel irrational, negative emotion when you see someone who is so good at what they do, they can’t help commanding attention or eliciting the admiration of everyone around them? It’s because they remind you that’s exactly what you should be doing. You feel bad because you could do the same thing but choose not to, usually out of fear of what other people will think.

Somewhere along the way, other people’s feelings about you became more important than your own feelings about you. You thought if you just got out of the spotlight, the more people would like you; and the happier you’d be. However, the more people you tried to please, the more confused and less confident you became, because people never like you for the same reasons anyway.

Aren’t you tired of marching to the beat of somebody else’s drum? Not only are there are too many drummers out there, but most people want you to modify your behaviour in some way because they think it will make them feel better. If you’re tired of behaving like a puppet at the end of someone else’s string, start responding to that persistent call within you, the one urging you to use your talents to do something great; and leave a lasting legacy in this world.

Starting today, pay closer attention to how you feel. If you feel good, you’re in line with that call; and are moving towards even more things to feel good about. Allow yourself to think grandiose thoughts; with time, you’ll be inspired to act to make them a reality.

Right now, close your eyes and imagine yourself doing that thing you love ÔÇô the one you know you excel at, that gives you thrill bumps every time you think about it. It is this very thing that you were meant to share with the world. Immerse yourself in the good feelings it generates. Next, intensify your positive feelings by listing all the things you feel grateful for right now – being warm during winter, a delicious meal, or other people’s kindness. The more you focus on what you want; and feeling good while you’re at it, the more of it you’ll start noticing in the world around you; and the quicker you will draw it into your own life.


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