Thursday, July 7, 2022

Weaving tall tales is part of human nature

Honestly, one of our most underrated skills is lying. I’ve never heard of anyone who ever got anywhere without twisting the real truth.

It begins when you want to add a little spice to your story to then designing your own self belief fictions which may then lead to deceit. Though we remain of knowledge, whether good or bad, we shall look back in time at some instances on a few tactics and how to get by in real life situations well as how to pull off a serious face whilst you are at it.

You may choose whatever limitations as to how far you want to go as long as you keep it legit and simple and also ensure that you do not hurt, cheat or steal but fundamentally in the name of free, fun and fair play. Do not abuse the powers of your newly, rediscovered talent, and if you do please do not come crying to me.

Pretend that you are playing a game and this should be done strictly for fun. Creativity is very rewarding and you will be surprised of what it can give you in return just for thinking out of the box.

During your spare time, go over your story, over and over again so that you can also start to build faith, trust and actually believe in yourself. You literally have to brain wash yourself to become more ready for success. Convincing yourself of your own story will give you the ability to twist others’ minds smoothly.

As the famous Shakespeare would say, always look at your audience in the eye. The eyes are windows – they reveal our interior lives. It will be hard in the beginning to actually stare at someone straight in the eye, especially someone you are very fond of, like your old school girlfriend. We have this perception or stereotype that it’s somehow life threatening. Try to bring this in during your plot, and then towards your subplot you are sure of a good bait and hook.

Try to fill your story with plenty of details; it’s easy to use your imagination. Create awe inspiring scenes and have apparent facts which should be down to earth. If you do not have all these, you will be caught up with questions and your composition will flop immediately like a child caught with sugar smudges on the top of his lip or, even worse, a teenager arriving home late from school, smelling of booze and cigarettes.

Sometimes lying is done in a gentle kind of way. I can recall asking my parents why I couldn’t have something and there was always a good reason that never really made sense to me as a child. You may do it with a good intention, such as when you are answering the question, “Do I look fat in this?” or when you want to gate crash a thumping house party for free drinks. It’s up to you but, like I mentioned before, please do not go overboard.

When everything else fails, since we are not going to head for the pathological journey, cry. Yes, just get the whole door off the hinges, sob and squeeze your eyes out. Pause for a moment and relive that moment in your childhood when you got smacked by your older brother or when you lost your dog to a mad driver speeding by, and prepare to open up your floodgates. Showing immediate signs of emotional distress and, of course, with the truth, you will once again finally be set free.


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