Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Westwood International hosts charity show

Mantlwaneng Hall at Westwood International School was last week Saturday the location for the HIV/AIDS charity show organized by Westwood IB (Form 6) students.

The show was aimed at helping raise funds for HIV/AIDS infected children and it managed to raise just over P3000 from entrance tickets, which were sold at P25 per person.

Whilst the turn up was not a sellout, there was a good response to the onstage performances and this gave a livelier atmosphere in the hall.

The performers on the night were mainly young upcoming artists, Fresh-Men Pizza Boys and Emcee Africa winner, Cybil Nyte, who were there to cater for the teen audience that was present.
Cybil Nyte performed hits ‘Ready to go,’ ‘Never leaving the game’, ‘I can’t tell you’ and ‘I just wanna holla’.

The young performers may need to improve on their stage performances, with some of the performers visibly shouting into the microphone and not giving a fluent and audible sound.
The crowd was up and about cheering the break dancing that took place at the end of the 2-hour show.

Thabang ‘T. Bang’ Mothibedi, the MC for the night, said that the show was part of IB programs ‘50 hours of task, in which creativity, action and service are encouraged. The Mc was also part of the Pizza Boys group that performed ‘Gotta get it’, and ‘Exclusive Delivery’.

“It was the first of its kind, the turnout was mild,” Cybil Nyte told The Telegraph after the charity show. “But thanks to Pizza Boys, the second of its kind is expected to blow the roof off.”


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