Thursday, May 23, 2024

Westwood International promotes cultural diversity

In line with its ideal of promoting unity through diversity, Westwood International school will host a cultural evening, open to the public, on Friday 5th August.

The event is being organised by the school’s Arts Department and the Head of the Department, Alex Mwesa, is optimistic that the event will bring together the diverse sets of communities within Gaborone.

The event will feature performances from both students and people from the public who wish to share their cultures with young minds.

“It’s about giving the children exposure to cultures different from their own,” says Mwesa.
Already confirmed to be performing at the event are a Chinese dance/music group, an Indian classical dance group and a local traditional dance group, slated to be the main feature, as the host culture must also be represented.

Before the performances begin in the evening, there will be a cultural exhibition displayed in the afternoon, organised by the school’s Parent Teacher Association.

The event, which is funded by the school itself, is being held for the first time but in future, assuming that it is a success, the Arts Department staff hopes to expand it to a wider community and bring sponsors on board.

Mwesa’s department is also organising a choir festival scheduled to take place later this year, in which students from Westwood and other schools, as well as choral groups from the community, will perform.

“Part of the reason for doing this is that we feel that the Arts Department has not been very prominent in the past yet we realise that the arts can be a major part of promoting the school’s image and philosophies; We feel that the arts are the best medium through which we can promote culture, unity and diversity,” says Mwesa.

The cultural exhibition will take place from 4pm to 6pm and the performing arts section of the event will begin from 6pm.

It is open to the public and admission is free.


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