Sunday, December 4, 2022

What’s Next After “Fokon Bastard” ÔÇô Un-Solicited advice to the Opposition:

We had just learnt about the sudden death of Kgatleng East MP, Hon Isaac Davids, a.k.a Fokon Bastard and each one of us started throwing in our two cents about how we knew the man. Sad as it was, on remembering him we were all in stitches and  agreed that although he may have had his short comings the man surely had a sense of humor and could not stand and tolerate “Manasa”

As a young boy growing up in the small mining town of Selibe Phikwe  I personally saw him bleksm referees each time Mochudi Centre Chiefs will be in Phikwe to play against Nico United and or Cooper Chiefs.  The first victim to receive Fokon’s tirades of slaps I remember very well was a huge monstrous well built referee named Mr. Bome, then working at BCL Mine. The second and third were Mr. Felix Chiwaura and Mr. Jimmy Seduna, a.k.a Sheka bra Matonya. Both were teachers at SPSS.  In Fokon’s believe Magosi were not supposed to lose any game against Majombolo and or Cooper Chiefs.   

In their various visits to Selibe Phikwe Fokon would be in the company of other cool, calm and collected management team that comprised the likes of the late Kafur Kala and his cousin Bashir Bra Shido Khan. In most cases Bra Shido would also be accompanied by his swaar, brother in law and former player and one of the founding members of Magosi, Bra Torry Seleke affectonally known  as Leloko, Ltd ((Let them Dance), amongst his peers bo Bra Tshidi (Saxton Kowa), Chris Roll Away Molomo, Mchangana Carter Mpete, Modise Macro Magetse and others.

As we were reminiscing on Fokon Bastard, one of my friends then remarked; “Kana Mme Fokon was open – he just did not tolerate Manasa”.

“He may not have been a good politician, but credit must be given where its due. The man campaigned massively and was always strategic. He was very calculating. He knew when to jump ship and cross the floor to another political party and believe me if BDP was to give him the opportunity for him to stand for Bulela Ditswe he was going to be victorious and was also going to have a walk over the opposition political opponent”. That is Fokon for you.

And one of my friends remarked. “Then his hip hopping shows he was self-centered, selfish and cared ONLY for himself. He just did not care about the electorates.”

Fast forward to 2019 a run up to the election. Imagine Fokon in a political rally, one of my friends remarked. Fokon would be in a mean mood and would go for the kill. Imitating Fokon, my friend started.

“Nyaaa, opposition jaanong e paletswe. Last ka 2014, e ne e re tsiseditse Rra Kgole, jaanong ya re re tsiseditse con man.”

“A ee jeke Domkrag ÔÇô  Bonang fela go re opposition e letsisetsa legodu la legodu Bakgatla”. Nyaaa mo ke o ne Manasa.”

“A laitse go re monna yo o kile a nna le di scandal tsa washa washa ponze scheme, e bile ga a itekanna mo tlhaloganyong. O kile a ya mental e santse e le Moshanyana a sena go tlhaba ngwanyana ka thipa.”

“A eee jeke Domkrag Tota rona re batla fela kagiso rona Bakgatla le puso gore Kgosi Kgolo ya rona e e botlhale e booe, jaanong go siame , Masisi o baakantse sengwe le sengwe, Kgosi Kgolo o buile, e bile re tshela ka lethabo.  A kere!!!! A aae jeke Domkrag”.

“Ga re batle ba ba maaka, ba itirile di spokeperson tsa Kgosi. Badirisa leina la Kgosi Kgolo le go tsaya madi mo bathong, Mo ke o ne mokgwa wa Manasa le bogodu”.

“A eeejeke Domkgrag. Laitse go re nna Bakgatla ke a lema. ke rata go lema, e bile ke tla le lemela mahala ka di tractor tsame tse dintsi, e seng tsa bogodu.”

“Nna ga ke legodu Bakgatla, a kere laitse/ Ga ke tsamae ke raya batho ke re ba donate groceries go re ke di fe Kgosi Kgolo.  Mme re aitse ba ba dirileng jalo.”

“Jaanong legodu la re le ka leemela ya nna moeteledi pele wa lona. Ke a gana Bakgatla. Tota le Ra Kgole le Moshanyana yo le wa morutegi , yo o rutang Physcics kwa Mmadikolo, gatwe mang ka na, Moshanyana o le? Yeesss,, Filipo, e ne e se magodu”

While Fokon Bastard presented himself more as a freedom square comedian, a clown who was just a liability and an excess baggage to the people of Kgatleng East, it will be suicidal for political parties to present to the voters and people of Kgatleng East, something worse than Fokon. It will be very sad indeed, to present to the electorates some wanna be politician, an overdraft millionaire, who suddenly thinks he has made it in life, and in his own world of fantasy thinks he is RICH. An over excited tribal monk, who has given himself un ÔÇônecessary titles. Such a village idiot, if not brought to order and he is left of the hook, will continue to be extremely reckless, dis-respectful and will even now be worse than Idi Amin Dada. In Fokon tone, “A bloody Ikwenkwe”, ka mokgwa wa di plaas”.

His is a serious psychological dis-order if left un ÔÇôchecked will bring more misery to their political movements and will continue to embarrass their political party leaders. Such characters never reform and the opposition political movements and leaders must not base theirs on hope thinking that the Mampara will reform or has reformed. Wandi nyepela!!!!!!

It is important to note that the strategic shift from politics as struggle for political and civil liberties ÔÇô that is, for self- determination – to politics as struggle for power, has shaped both party organization and the nature of political participation in Botswana. Theoretically, the internal organization of a political party must be in consonance with democratic principles. All the political parties are organized as mass parties: each of them combines card bearing or fee-paying membership. It is therefore, important for parties inclusive of the opposition to field candidates that are credible and avoid fielding mere grand standers, village idiots with delusions of grandeur.

Politicians make promises which they expect people to ‘understand.’

People are so gullible as to believe unbelievable propositions.  This happens because people do not plan properly for unseen eventualities; and when they get caught out they claim that such and such an event could not possibly be foreseen.  As “the pot calls the kettle black” the public looks on frustrated that they have been caught out again by half-baked political promises. Kgatleng East voters must be alert and should be very alert and watch every single movement and Must have the balls to stand up and say no to Manasa, in Fokon’s tone.

Politicians know their followers will believe them, even in the face of irrefutable evidence to the contrary. Politicians and their adherents live in an echo chamber in which everyone watches the same news channel, listens to the same talk radio, reads the same newspapers and websites, and hang out with the same like-minded people. There exists an impermeable membrane that prevents conflicting information from entering. The content of the lies is also usually red meat for the politicians’ ravenous base who are only too happy to chew on it for days on end.

Every politician knows that the key to winning elections is to make great promises. In many ways, voters are the eternal   optimists who can’t learn from experience. We want to believe that our politicians will improve our lives. But when post-election reality hits, we forget how unrealistic we were in believing that somehow “this time,” the outcome would be different.

We can only hope that the opposition will screen their candidates very well before they hold their own Bulela Ditswe. What the opposition needs to do is to identify a credible candidate with integrity and if they fail to do so, they should be forewarned they will lose and will loose BIG.

This brings to mind why the public should be cautioned and be wary of the sweet talk politicians who have accorded themselves epithets such as ‘savior, redeemer, Mr. Clean, Mr. discipline, Mr. wisdom that all bother on sycophancy to win sympathy for votes. They know that the people are mainly illiterate, hopelessly poor and hungry. But this time round, the people must be in readiness to tell them that they cannot be fooled any longer.


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