Thursday, February 22, 2024

Wheels of justice grind in GU legal wrangle

Its two years since Gaborone United (GU)’s warring factions approached the courts and the litigants are still waiting for justice.

This follows postponements in the case in which a section of the club supporters have dragged the team before the High Court challenging the constitutionality of its current executive committee.

The supporters, Diole Moletedi and nine others have challenged, among others, the legitimacy of Rapula Okaile and secretary City Senne’s election to the club’s committee.

Following a divisive elective Annual General Assembly (AGM) that was held at the University of Botswana in 2015, the supporters called for the AGM and the elections held thereafter to be nullified.

However, with the two year old case dragging before the courts, the current committee has expressed concern that it is crippling the club’s professional progress.

The warring parties left the High Court frustrated this week after the presiding judge adjourned the case and moved it to May 2018.

The continued delay in the resolution of the case is said to be taking a toll on the applicants who believe the delays prolongs an illegitimate committee’s stay at the helm.

Uncertainty at the Gaborone giants has also resulted in the club failing to hold its Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) this year. The OGM was then rescheduled but was postponed indefinitely following another failed attempt to hold it this week.

“The wheels of justice are turning very slowly and this delay favours those in office. This is worrying for the applicants as they wanted the matter to conclude well in time,” applicants’ lawyer Uyapo Ndadi said in an interview.

Ndadi further said as the case continues to drag before the court; it becomes very difficult to manage clients’ emotions.

“Clients are always looking for swift and timely conclusions and when cases drag, it drains clients,” Ndadi told Sunday Standard.

For his part, embattled club chairman Okaile said the uncertainty brought forth by the delay in finding resolution is also hindering them from implementing their plans to move the club forward as they intended.

“Ever since taking over, we have never had a chance to transform the club and take it to greater heights due to internal wrangling that have haunted the club over the past few years,” said Okaile.

Okaile further said several attempts by the club leadership to convince the concerned supporters to meet the executive and resolve the dispute amicably have failed.

“We have tried to settle the predicament out of court but failed. This has brought more harm than good at the club as it also affects players,” Okaile told Sunday Standard.


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