Saturday, July 20, 2024

When ‘mother of the nation’ beats up people

For some reason, it has been traditionally easier for people to stomach men’s bad behavior than to tolerate the bad behavior of a woman. We cultivated this attitude by literally admiring the boy who made a girl pregnant while banishing and shaming his pregnant girl.
Today, we are still conflicted and hesitate to describe women in ways we do men. As the world turns, we find ourselves somewhat lost for words when womenfolk raise their freedom flags and do what men have been doing for years.
The last two or three weeks have been very turbulent for Zimbabwe, both in and out of the country, primarily because of the actors involved.
While Zimbabwe can be counted upon to invite spectators to frequent shows at which it repeatedly shoots itself (but somehow survives), it is the players who must now sit up and take notice of how chronic the rot has travelled. They are not funny anymore.
The government of Zimbabwe, and all the crooks who live under its heavily tainted wings, must now be aware that things cannot and will not continue like this.
The government of Zimbabwe has gone to both infinities of stupidity and greed and has reached those deplorable depths where embarrassment and apology alone are no longer enough.
Over the years, we have watched as our political leaders, particularly the president and his family, have shown contempt of the well-mannered nature of Zimbabweans and their tradition. They have behaved in ways that normal Zimbabwean mothers, fathers and children would not behave.
At one time in the last two weeks, Zimbabweans woke up one day to find their president, the First lady and their children in South Africa at the same time, along with a vice president…but all of them there for different reasons.
Emerson Mnangagwa and First Lady Grace Mugabe arrived about the same time. While Grace had reportedly gone there for medical treatment for a silly accident at which she claims her husband’s car went over her foot, Mnangagwa did not get to South Africa on his own power ÔÇô having been airlifted to “several hospitals” in Zimbabwe before finally being flown by helicopter to South Africa.
He had fallen ill at a Mugabe rally in Gwanda and, after eating ice cream reportedly from the Mugabe’s company, Gushungo Holdings, he started vomiting blood, complete with bothersome diarrhea.
The battle to succeed Mugabe has reached dangerous proportions. Because Mnangagwa leads one succession faction of Zanu-PF while Grace leads another, the word ‘poison’ was mentioned although some put the word ‘food’ before it.
At the time Mnangagwa was trying to reign in his bowels, Grace, using an electrical extension cord, assaulted a young woman companion of his sons.
This caused a diplomatic confrontation with South Africa because the victim refused to drop or accept money to not press any charges.
Thus, Grace Mugabe, mother of the nation, found herself a fugitive with all points bulletins sent to all immigration points to ensure she did not leave South Africa.
In the meantime, a SADC meeting was only a couple of days away and Robert Mugabe was coming to South Africa to attend the Summit.
Although asleep most of the time, he managed to negotiate his wife out of the legal and political maze and took her back home to Zimbabwe.
But in South Africa, the granting of Diplomatic Immunity to Grace is still a big issue and will remain so for a while.
Now, back to the sons. The elder Mugabe son allegedly had behavioral issues in Dubai, resulting in his expulsion coated with diplomatic language.
Fearing for his safety in Zimbabwe, they settled him in South Africa, along with his younger brother. 
Social media is having a ball, broadcasting just about every bit of their rowdiness and bad behavior in South Africa; they are a terrible, undeserving financial strain on Zimbabwean tax payers.
The entire family, on their own volition, are embarrassments to the nation and displaying such arrogance and criminality outside the borders is treasonous.
What do we need this family for? The whole lot is undeserving of us.
Grace Mugabe, who aches to be considered a version of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, and fondly bereferred to as ‘Mother of the Nation’, is naturally violent, greedy, arrogant, short-tempered and authoritarian.
South Africa is not the first country to grant her diplomatic immunity after assaulting someone.
In 2009, Diplomatic Immunity saved her behind in Hong Kong after she assaulted a photo-journalist.
In Singapore, she threw reporters’ cellphones into a pool and spent a short time with the police. Like she did in South Africa last week, she also tried to offer money so that the complainants dropped the charges.
She abused airport staff in Malaysia and told them she was a First Lady and could do whatever she wanted. Her exit was negotiated diplomatically and she was allowed to leave.
She also assaulted a journalist in Dubai, a pattern of violence that she, once again, displayed in South Africa last week.
Meanwhile, Robert Mugabe himself also got his security detail to assault protesters in Europe but has shown his violent disposition at home where he has killed with impunity, caused many to disappear and abused the citizenry with abandon.
When you have killed thousands or lived with a person who has, you become desensitized to a point of thinking one life among many is of no consequence.
Grace Mugabe’s greed and arrogance were born during her days as a cross-border trader. She is bitter about something in her past and does not know where to seek revenge.
Like her husband, she revels in revenge and vindictiveness.
Her marriage to Mugabe is anchored in the dishonesty of both, not only before the people but before God.
When a ‘first lady’ goes about beating up people at home and in foreign countries, in hotels and on the streets, it is a sign of a much more dangerous state of mind…one that makes this same woman invade a dam in a rural area, calls it her own and chases people from the area.
Meanwhile, their sons have picked up the baton and are doing their own thing. They do not seem welcome in many countries and always leave under mysterious circumstances until the truth leaks out.
They fail to live anywhere in the world, including in Zimbabwe. We are told that they live outside Zimbabwe “for their own safety”. There are millions of people their age who live in Zimbabwe and are surviving,in spite of the brutality of these two rascals’ parents.
As for Vice President Mnangagwa, he is back home now and appears almost brand new; thanks to South Africa!
But, I bet, it will be a while yet before Mnangagwa licks another ice-cream cone.



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