Saturday, July 2, 2022

Where is Gunners’ star striker?

Lobatse side, Extension Gunners have been on a long dry spell for a long time. The last time they won major tournaments was more than fifteen years ago.

They won the Coca-Cola Cup in 1992 and last won the league in 1994, that was the time they won it for the third time in a row. Since then, the side has been on a downward spiral, avoiding relegation in the last games.

What is surprising about the team is that it is sitting on a gold mine because it is one of the teams with a huge following in the country. However, for the past two seasons, the team has been on a re-building exercise, with the hope of eventually winning the league next season.

The mission started well because the team hunted for players from as far a-field as Burundi.

One of the imports, Aime Nzohabonayo, has been impressive in Gunners’ colours and scored crucial goals.

Nzohabanayo proved to be the most lethal because he always lifted the team when the chips were down. Apparently, in the past three games in which Gunners were not convincing, he was not there due to national team commitments for the CECAFA tournament that ended in East Africa about three weeks ago.

Burundi was, however, knocked out in the preliminary stages but the player is yet to report back for the team.
There have been many reports surrounding the player’s whereabouts. Information reaching Sunday Standard is that immediately after the CECAFA tournament in Uganda, the player headed for Europe under the influence of Burundi officials. There are also reports that certain local officials connived with some Burundian counterparts behind Gunners back to lure the player.

“It looks as if there is so much interest in the player, both locally and internationally, and people are doing all they can to snatch him and destabilise the team. Some of those people involved include some people inside Gunners and some Burundians and that’s why the player is yet to report back,” said a source from Gunners, who preferred anonymity.

On the other hand, Gunners spokesperson, Cassim Dada, expressed hope that the player would report back to the team this weekend. He said he was still struggling to secure him a flight from Burundi.

Dada refuted reports that the player might have gone overseas for trials, adding that were that the case he would have known. “Definitely, I could have been the first person to know had he gone for trials overseas. He is our player and nobody can take him from us without following necessary procedures,” he said.

Dada did not rule out the possibility of teams and individuals going behind their back to lure the player.
“It is possible for people to go behind our back and entice the player, but they must think again. He is our player and it would not be easy. As from now on, I am expecting him to jet in but he would not be available for weekend games,” he said.

Nzohabonayo has been Gunners revelation in the past games. The last game in which he showed his true colours was against Tafic when he netted a brace in a game that was seemingly headed for a draw and Gunners ended up winning it 4-2.


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