Sunday, May 28, 2023

Who do you trust the most? Mother, Father, Partner or Friend?

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something; or simply accepting the truth of a statement without evidence.

So, who do you trust the most: mother, father, partner or friend? But simply answering this question may cause friction among the just mentioned people.

Your mother can become all grumpy because you say you trust your father best and, likewise, the same goes for all the other family members. In most cases, the one you trust is someone you believe knows you best and is very close to you hence trust and knowing someone goes hand in hand.

For instance, a husband and wife have confident expectations of one another. They believe they have an obligation and a responsibility to love, care for and respect each other as husband and wife. Some people may also assume that since you have agreed to marry each other, you know and trust each other. Regrettably, this is not always an exact assumption. Many times we give “lip service” to trusting each other, but then do not completely give that trust.

Since we were born, our parents and teachers always taught us that trust is the foundation of any relationship, parent-child, boyfriend-girlfriend, friend-friend, employer-employee, and husband-wife. Without trust, your relationship has very little opportunity for growth.

A lot of people have different trust issues. Most people believe that the one you trust is the one who knows you best.

A colleague said she trusts her mom and partner because they are the two most important people in her life who know her best. “I trust my mom because I’m her child; I can’t hide anything from her and I grew up under her care. Then my partner is someone I’m totally honest with most of the time because our relationship thrives on honesty and openness.”

She further asserted that it is different when it comes to others in the sense that when she is with all the other people in her life, there are some aspects about herself that she hides but when with either her partner or mother she is totally vulnerable.
“All the other people know only a certain part of me, but my mom and partner know most of me, the beautiful and the ugly and that’s why I would lay my trust on them,” she added.

We met and asked someone who just identified himself as Mpho who told us that in his life, his mother knows him best because she never pretends.
“She is able to tell and respond without me saying a thing. For instance, say something bothers me, she would know from perhaps my face, or whatever she uses, and ask if it’s something she can help with,” he said.

He further said others never just understand.
“They don’t give the much needed space; they crowd and impose and sometimes even imagine or perceive stuff about me and make it appear so real. With other people, it gets clumsy and all in all I would really choose to love myself, really! I am the person that understands me, I betray myself when I want, I differ when I want, I agree with my thoughts when I want. Simple: I hate being misunderstood, so I would be safe with myself, anytime,” he added.

A Rebaone Mokalake shared the same sentiments with Mpho saying a mother will always be by your side through all ups and downs. “She is the one person whom, when I have bigger problems I approach and I speak my heart out. She has also always been there for me and still continues to be there,” he said. He asserted that some people in your life might come and go but your mother will never lose you. He further said though some people might expect him to trust his daddy as a boy child, it all depends on the relationship you have with them. “The closer the person is the better. I also trust my partner because our relationship is built on trust,” he said.

Cecil Gape chose to differ with the above saying the question is tricky. “It all depends on the relationship you have with that particular person. The trust I have for my wife, mother, close friend and all the other people in my life is not the same,” he said.

He further said there are different things you may want others to know about you that you do not want others to know.


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