Sunday, May 22, 2022

Who is Marumo’s heir apparent?

For some time now, Botswana’s number one jersey has been a one man affair.
It is even on everybody’s lips that once Zebras are in camp, Modiri Marumo’s name would be the first to be called.

For other goalkeepers to make it, they should just be given a chance for the sake of it unless Marumo gets injured.

The way things look at the moment, it will take some time for him to have a serious challenger.
Also, when the same person dominates a position for a long time, there could be a problem with the age gap when he calls it quits.

That could be the case in Botswana once Marumo hangs his gloves. In the past few years, goalkeepers like Kagiso Tshelametsi (Notwane) and Cosmos Lombala of BMC were seen as some of the potential challengers to Marumo, but they have since vanished into the thin air. Tshelametsi disappeared from the soccer scene after suffering a serious injury and there has been reports that he is making a comeback but he is yet to be seen.

Lombala, on the other hand, seems to have lost the incredible form he had two years ago and that saw him helping his team win the lucrative Coca Cola Cup.

Currently, the man who has been Marumo’s understudy is Noah Maposa of Mochudi Centre Chiefs.

Maposa has played in almost all of Botswana’s national youth teams and it was at the Under 23s where he made an indelible mark but it might take some time for him to be at par with Marumo.

Some goalkeepers who have great potential for the number one jersey are the likes of Kabelo Dambe of Township Rollers and Botlhe Moralo of Notwane.
Other goalkeepers have to actually come out of their shells to prove why they would be considered for the national team.

Dambe’s team might be disappointing their supporters with their lackluster performance but if he could be level headed he could be a germ in the years to come.

What gives him advantage is his height. It has proven world wide that tall goalkeepers normally outsmart shorter ones. He also has the ability to use his legs something that is lacking in most of the local goalkeepers.

Since Thabo Motang stopped playing for Rollers, the team is yet to find his replacement and Dambe could undoubtedly be the one to fill his boots.
Moralo is one goalkeeper who has taken many people in the country by surprise. He was actually unknown but made an immediate impact two years ago during the Coca Cola tournament.

Many thought his form would be temporary and it would dip along the way. It was not to be as he has since relegated former first choice goalkeeper, Mompoloki Sephekolo, to the bench.

He might not have played for junior national teams but his performance is proving determined.
Maposa must also be careful because once Moralo is given a chance he might be Marumo’s number two.

This season, Notwane has not really performed to expectations and he has been the sole figure saving the team from the jaws of heavy defeats.


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