Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Why do men hate wigs and weave ons?

When one walks around the city, roughly 60 percent, if not more, of the women you meet are likely to spot a wig or weave.

Even the popular television programmes like Generations, Muvhango and others that we watch everyday are full of women sporting all that tacky fake hair.

Some of the wigs look plastic and shiny while some look natural but are easily identifiable as hair that does not belong to the host.

Last year, a male cousin of mine was less than impressed when he saw me with a wig; he hates wigs, he said.

I was surprised because most of the girls he had dated wore wigs or weave ons and he had never mentioned his distaste for the “alien hair”.

In fact, I only started trying out a wig last year and I found that I got more attention with my wig on than when it was off.

It was immediately after that when I realising just how many Batswana women are into wigs.
For the sake of this article we shall refer to both weave-ons and wigs as wigs. Apparently our men do not know the difference. Ever since that experience I have made it a point to find out exactly how men feel about wigs.

The forums I used to get to the bottom of it varied from normal everyday chats, texts and, of course, Facebook.

I also collected a sample of opinions from 40 men altogether, most of them unaware of why I was asking the question.

From the 40, 36 were totally against the idea of black women in wigs; the rest were indifferent.
Among Facebook’s 15 responses is one from man who said that it disheartened him to see a black woman with a long blonde wig because it made her look like a “retarded freak”.

Others are just against wigs because they are fake and “they don’t really change you as a person”. They said that you can’t hide forever; when you take them off, whether it’s at night or after two weeks, the real you comes out.

One said that wigs are not attractive, especially at the joining line. He said he wants to run his hand through his lady’s head without going through humps.

“Why don’t they buy real HATS instead,” one guy commented.
The majority basically hated wigs because they were fake.

From the chats and the texting, it was apparent that the guys thought the women were trying to transform themselves into white women. One guy even said that the majority of girls who date white men usually enhance their looks with long fake hair.

It seems that the men who are complaining though, usually have spouses that wear wigs but they are afraid to voice their concerns because they are unsure of how their women would react.

One guy said they don’t want to come off as controlling in the end. Another said that a wig makes all women look the same; it didn’t make them unique, all it did is to make them fade into the crowd.

One of my colleagues even said that he finds them a huge turn-off, especially in the bedroom. He said they leave hair strands everywhere and make the pillows dirty.

“I had an embarrassing encounter with a wig. One day I was trying to get fresh with this girl and we were dancing at a club. I pulled her hair by mistake and I found myself holding it in my hand. To her horror, everyone was staring at her; she just yanked it from my hand and ran,” he said.
The fact of the matter, however, is that a man won’t turn a woman down just because he doesn’t like her hair.


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