Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Why men can’t resist panty-less women

Conversations about panties are always the most interesting.’ Should women suffocate their lady parts in underwear or should they just go commando and let them be? What is the big fuss over lingerie as men are always so quick to take it off?’ Amongst women, the debate seems to always centre on issues of health and decency while men light heartedly discuss it with sex in mind. When I asked my colleague, Thobo Motlhoka, what he thought about women not wearing underwear, he was quick to welcome the thought. “A woman without knickers is the ultimate turn on, a very welcome sight” said a keen Motlhoka. It turns out women should not shy away from skipping the panty, if anything; they should embrace the freedom and comfort of not putting one on.

After all men find it incredibly sexy!

“There are so many dresses or women’s outfits in general that make better sense without underwear. The visible panty line is never pretty. Sometimes I see women go through hell digging out wedgies deeper than they’d dig gold and I wonder why they even bother, I also wonder about hygiene” said Thebe Dialwa. He said if women never bothered with panties they would never have to find themselves in such awkward situations. “Sometimes I eavesdrop on some conversations and hear people linking going commando with promiscuity and I wonder what kind of reasoning that is. Has wearing knickers ever stopped a woman from giving it up?” he asked. Dialwa said he has never had of such a shallow judgment and fails to make sense out of it.

Orapa Mine hospital Gynecologist, Dimpho Maribe, said going commando does not put women in danger of catching infections and if anything the opposite is true.” Never feel┬álike┬áyour bare vagina rubbing right up against the inside of your pants would create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, we have long debunked that idea in the medical field,” he said. Maribe said there’s no scientific┬áresearch suggesting a┬ádirect correlation between not wearing knickers and infections like┬ábacterial vaginosis or yeast infections. He said interesting enough, when a woman experiences a lot of itching down there gynecologists actually recommend she goes commando.”By nature the vaginal area is very moist and hairy, if it is always covered all that happens is more moisture collects and that cultivates an ideal environment for yeast growth,” said Maribe.

“Sometimes I forget to wash my panties and I run out clean ones, it is reassuring to know that it’s ok to go without one, and the fact that my man finds it sexy is actually the cherry on the cake. I used to be scared of being criticised by friends for going commando but these days we all do it which I think is great,” said Bame Lebotse a student at University of Botswana. She said these days people are becoming more accepting of not wearing knickers as they learn that wearing them poses risk of catching infections. “Back in high school, I wore a clingy light coloured long dress for prom that, if I wasn’t 17 at the time or if I knew then what I know now, I probably would have gone commando in,” she said.

“Maybe your relationship requires you to up your game in the sexual department, or maybe you and your man are already at it like rabbits and you just want to make┬áthings that little bit better. Let┬áhim know you are not wearing any underwear and watch his lust for you skyrocket, watch him drool. Up┬áthe ante by┬áwhispering it in his ear┬áin a public place where he can’t do anything about it just yet, like at a party. You┬áwill officially become the only thing on his mind all night!” advised Motlhoka. If that does not make the ladies loose the potential bacteria breeders and go commando, I wonder what will!


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