Monday, July 4, 2022

WIBA training clinic response overwhelming

The recently launched Golf Clinic for Women in business Association (WIBA) is reported to be going well and received overwhelming response. Registered members of WIBA and non registered members are reported to be seriously taking the training offered and willing to learn the sport. According to one of the participants, Kgomotso Maswabi, most women are showing enthusiasm to learn the sport that is dominated by men. “The main objective of the training clinic is to encourage more women to take part in golf which is dominated by men. By so doing that it helps in many aspects like fitness level and even networking where ideas can be shared,” she said.

Maswabi also emphasized that the training will take place for the coming three months and a total of 50 women have officially enrolled. She said since many women have expressed interest they might go beyond the stipulated three months.

“The training clinic is taking place at blue tree in Maruapula. Because of limited space it can only accommodate 50 people. Now more women are showing interest and this then mean our initial plan of three months might go beyond, so that many more can come and learn the basic skills of the sport and eventually being active players,” she said. Maswabi emphasised that WIBA members have to pay only P2 500 for three months training while non members P3 500.

Maswabi added that WIBA established to bring business women and those from the corporate sector to work hand in hand. She said by doing that women can easily share challenges they are facing in their everyday lives.


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