Saturday, June 22, 2024

Wife detained following mysterious disappearance of husband

There is still no clue as to the whereabouts of a Mochudi male secondary school teacher who disappeared over a month ago.

Following the mysterious disappearance of Shadrack Makobye, his wife, Mmoni, along with two other people, were last week detained by the police for two days and then released.
The police are now alleged to be centering their investigations around the three people as potential suspects.

Makobye’s mother was buried in Mochudi last week after she collapsed and was certified dead.
“Seepapitso Secondary School teacher in Kanye, Shadrack Makobye of Mochudi, went missing last month but he has not been found as yet,” said the Officer Commanding Mochudi, Senior Superintendent Seabe Maboka. “We have questioned a number of people as well as the wife but nothing came of it.”
Maboka said a police search team searched everywhere, with the assistance of a police helicopter, but in vain.

On the issue of a offering reward for information, Maboka said, “We are considering that but if our efforts do not bear any fruit we will be obliged to reward any person who will tip the police as to the whereabouts of the missing person.”

When contacted for comment, Mmoni, the wife of the missing man, said, “I am not in a position to discuss anything with the press.”

She appealed to the members of the public to assist the police by forwarding any information that may lead to the whereabouts of Makobye.

“I am now losing hope whether the man will be found alive,” said the deputy chief of Bakgatla, Kgosi Sakai Lenchwe. “I cannot say whether he might be died or not, even though his whereabouts are still not yet known.”

Lenchwe said, as leaders of Bakgatla, they are worried about the mysterious disappearance of the teacher, adding that the tribe also spent some time searching for the missing man but came up with nothing.

He appealed to the public to forward any information they might have to the police.


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