Saturday, January 23, 2021

Will Tawana survive eviction tonight?

Africa’s double standards will now become evident today (Sunday) afternoon as M-net reveals to viewers whether or not Tawana, Botswana’s representative in the Big Brother house is coming home without the cash prize.

The last big brother winner was a married man who bagged the $100 000 cash prize after cheating on his wife on live television and engaging is numerous sexual activities.

Africa nominated the winner which made him the best entertainer and one with the most interesting personality, together with being a survivor.

Tawana’s character has recently undergone heavy criticism for indulging in constant sexual activities with Zimbabwe’s 21-year-old Munya.

Could Africa be judging her harshly just because she is a woman? Or has she really lost the plot.

All odds are stacked against Botswana’s 31-year-old farmer as her own country people continue to vehemently disapprove of her behavior. Recently, a local newspaper even went as far as to interview her mother and asked for her opinion of her daughter’s sexual escapades.

To add salt to the injury, in playing a somewhat selfish and cruel game of betrayal, Munya used his Head of the House position to replace his nomination with Tawana, whom Africa regarded as his love interest.

But then again isn’t that what the Big Brother game rules requires.

Batswana have of late lost their support for Tawana who had been on a winning streak before the unfortunate nomination. Many of them are now hurling insults and calling her an embarrassment amongst other names, which comes as a surprise considering the fact that just a week ago many of them were supporting her and her scheme to use sexual acts as a strategy to win the Big Brother house contest.

Some say she is involved in sexual activity with Munya not because of the game but because she is human.

Botswana’s last contestant in the house, Justice Motlhabani was the first contestant to leave BBA2.

Tawana has struck around for a longer time and her chances of winning have been high until recently. Is it time for her to come home now?

With only four contestants left in the house, two of whom are males, the remaining two girls are both up for eviction this week.

Tawana and Hazel are both on the hot seats and by the looks of things, Batswana and the rest of Africa are undecided as to who goes home.

Hazel is known to Africa as the uninteresting girl who is always in the kitchen because of her cooking skills.

Botswana, please, vote Hazel out and keep Tawana in the house.


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