Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Win a branded stainless steel ice bucket!

We have stainless steel ice buckets for eight of our readers to win. Ice buckets are one of the fastest tools for chilling wine. Using half ice and cold water, chilling this way takes about half the time of chilling it in a bucket full of ice alone. To chill the wine as quickly as possible, the bucket must be deep enough so that the bottle be submerged up to its neck. And the following are guidelines for chilling different wines that are at warm room temperature using ice water.

Chill red wines for about 5 minutes.
Chill super fruity red wines for 15 minutes.
Chill white wines for 14 to 25 minutes.
Chill champagne and sparkling wines for 30 minutes

To enter the competition, please send the answer to the following question to: [email protected]

What is the fastest method to chill wine?

Please do not forget to include your full name and phone numbers. The closing date for entrees is Thursday, June 11, 2009.

Last week’s winners of a branded Jewels Modelling Agency T-shirt are:

Eunice Kerekang
Omphile Masendu
Ignitius Sejoe
Hilda Seboleleleng Makanda
Lorato Sedirwa

Answer to last week’s question (What is Jewel Models Academy first project?); The Botswana Annual Hair Design Extravaganza.

You may collect your prize from Sunday Standard, Commerce Park, Plot 104, Moores Rowland, Unit 21.

Remember to bring proof of identity.


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