Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Woman alleges being fired because she is HIV positive

Lawrence Nasha, former husband to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Margret Nasha, did not show up before Industrial Court Judge Tebogo Maruping Wednesday morning for a case in which he allegedly fired his employee for testing HIV positive.

The complainant, a 30 year old lady from Molapowabojang Village claimed she was terminated on the 1st March 2008 after disclosing her HIV status to Nasha.

She was allegedly employed as a cleaner at both Manyelanong Bar and at Nasha’s residence in Otse, earning a monthly salary of P650.

It is alleged that on one occasion, the woman conversed with a co-employee, disclosing her HIV status.

According to the complainant’s statement, Nasha was in the habit of insisting that his employees must test for HIV.

The applicant stated that she opened up to Nasha and informed him about her status. He then allegedly told her to stop cooking for them as she would infect his family with HIV.

A few days after that, Nasha allegedly told the employee to cease assisting at the bar because she would affect his business.

The lady was then served with a notice of termination of her employment without being given reasons for the decision.

The aggrieved woman says her situation is not helped by the fact that the respondent, Nasha, allegedly goes around disclosing her HIV status.

She approached Social Services who referred her to BONELA, where she was referred to the Department of Labour.


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