Sunday, May 29, 2022

WUC steps up water reforms programme

The Kweneng District Council (KDC) Chairperson Motlhophi Leo last week told his district’s full council meeting that Water Utilities Corporation (WUC)’s Water Reforms program has successfully implemented several projects geared towards improving water supply in Kweneng.

He said the projects include Malwelwe water supply augmentation project to Molepolole-Thamaga cluster at a cost of P53 million and electrification of three boreholes at Suping Well Field costing P2.7 million.

“Completion of additional 300m3 tank on the western side of Kopong village has improved water supply to the village. Installation of a P5.3million desalination plant in Sorilatholo has improved the quality of water supplied to the village. In addition WUC managed to procure three water bowsers to be used during emergencies to augment water supply to affected villages,” explained Leo.

Other projects he said, still on-going include P11 million projects for upgrading and refurbishment of water supply distribution networks in Molepolole and Thamaga villages. The project is aimed at reducing losses in the two major villages. A project intended to exchange disinfecting with chlorine gas to using chloride dioxide has been awarded at P5.7 million. The project he said will cover the whole management centre and is expected to be completed by June 2015.

“The Department of Water Affairs has been funded for Molepolole Sewerage Scheme at P24, 868,208.85; the project is still at design audit stage which will take 14 months, while construction phase is estimated to take 48 months. I am concerned with the delays surrounding this project,” he said, adding that one of Molepolole’s greatest concerns is sanitation. Despite the size of its population size the village remains without sewerage connection. He said previously the official opening of the Institute of Health Sciences was delayed by the lack of sanitation as there was lack of capacity by sewage ponds in the village to handle the waste discharge. He however commended his district for it was during their tenure that they managed to secure funding for extending capacity of the ponds.

He said the Mmamashia-Kanye connection project was awarded to BSZ Joint venture and is expected to be completed in February 29 and it includes connection of Thamaga village.

“It should be noted that WUC is still experiencing water supply challenges in some villages mainly due to decline in borehole yields. The most affected are Hatsalatladi and Khudumelapye villages,” said Leo.

He explained that projects aimed at supplementing water supply to the villages are at initiation stage. On the other hand water wastage from public stand pipes is noticeable in the Letlhakeng Cluster. As part of water conservation WUC is rolling out prepaid standpipes to all villages in the district.


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