Monday, December 4, 2023

Yarona FM jamboree promises more fun

Local art, culture, cuisine and music will be at the centre stage at Yarona FM’s inaugural Summer Jamboree. 

The lifestyle event slated for the March 25, 2017, at the Molapo Crossing Stanbic Piazza will be the epicentre of the best of local talent from all walks of life. 

Yarona FM Station Manager Kelly Ramputswa said the objective of the event was not only to celebrate summer but also to push local talent to the forefront. 

“We have created a legacy of being the home for local talent. For last 18 years, we have helped contribute to the growth of the music industry, we have contributed to the growth of all the other art forms by giving a wide platform for artists, creators, designers and musicians to be heard,” he said

Ramputswa said in coming up with the Summer Jamboree event, they aim to continue to extend the support they give all arts industries.  

“The jamboree will be a live event were people are able to see the musicians whose music is played on our radio station, while feeling and seeing the fashion we speak about and tasting the food we feature on our shows. As a youth radio station, we have an obligation not only to entertain our demographic but to also help promote youth business and that is what the Summer Jamboree is all about,” Ramputswa said.  

The Summer Jamboree will be in partnership with Stanbic Bank Botswana while Abari Communications will provide free Wi-Fi throughout the event. Other partners include Native Events, Webtickets and The ECHO. Stalls will be available for exhibitions and sales to members of the public attending the event.  

The station manager said they wanted to attract young, vibey crowd that appreciates the best of art, food, fashion and music. 


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