Thursday, August 18, 2022

Young athletes equipped with life and entrepreneurship skills

The Department of Physical Education Health and Recreation (Faculty of Education) in collaboration with the Department of Management (Faculty of Business) and Botswana Integrated Sports Association (BISA) recently held a life skills and entrepreneurship through sports workshop for young athletes.

The two weeks long program, which culminated with an Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 13th at the University of Botswana, educated young athletes on issues pertaining to leadership, communication and entrepreneurial skills. 

With the help from BISA, about 25 athletes aged between 12 and 17 years who excel in both sports and academics were selected to participate on the program. 

According to organizers, the workshop used a structured multi-sport and entrepreneurship program to nurture a leadership and entrepreneurship mindset. 

The curriculum merged principles of sports psychology and business development to nurture entrepreneurship skills and strategies. Among others, the youngsters were armoured on building of soft skills such as self-confidence, mastery orientation, resiliency, goal-setting, leadership, mindfulness, creativity and innovation. 

Speaking at the awards ceremony, University of Botswana Lecturer in the Department of Physical Education, Health and Recreation Dr Tshepang Tshube said the program will be held annually to help young upcoming leaders. 

He added that in the coming year, they will bring back this year’s 25 program participants together once more to monitor their performance, to do further mentorship for about a week.

“We hope to bring companies like LEA, CEDA and other institutions to see how we can further more mentor them all the way,” Tshube said.

Tshube further said that they aspire to maintain this for a life time but for that to be possible it’s if they ‘Train to train a model.’ 
Commenting on the programme, Pretty Mahanase, a football player and one of the participants said she was privileged to have been selected as a participant. In her view, the program had helped them to be more perceptive and confident. She noted that as young athletes they lack confidence and they hardly have goals but end up doing sports for fun and not as a career.
“These live skills have taught us a lot, how to make a living out of sports and even how to use sports to favour us as individuals,” she noted.

This program has been identified as an international workshop which this year has taken place in about four countries being Botswana, Ghana, Tanzania and The United Kingdom.  Each country takes its junior citizens through these life skills to help grow the view of sports and developing leaders through sports.

Joshua Gaotlhabogwe, BISA President, showed his outmost appreciation to how the kids have performed and how serious they took this program till its conclusion. Noting that they have been given life keys to help them in future wishing them the best of luck while putting to use what they have learned. 



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