Monday, August 8, 2022

Young Motswana ventures into water and food testing

After years of struggling trying to convince the leadership of his business plan and failing to secure local financial support, Mothusi Mason Mosarwa’s long cherished dream has eventually come true with the 25-year-old from Mookane’s company, Mason-M Advertising and Promotions, securing a good Samaritan from abroad as an agent of Water Life Limited, a company based in Auckland, New Zealand, which specialises in technological water and food testing business projects.

Botswana Agent of Water Life Limited, Mosarwa’s franchise business, would likewise penetrate the local market venturing in water and food testing, using revolutionary and food testers invented, patented and manufactured in New Zealand by Dr Rosemary Sharpin, the founder of Water life Limited.
“After my business ideas were rejected over three times by our own local CEDA, I started forwarding the same business plan to international companies urging them to come and invest in Botswana through my services. Within a period of less than three months, the general manager for Water life New Zealand contacted me to enquire more about my services,” he told The Sunday Standard in an interview, adding the two related well and “this led to Water Life management (including the general manager) flying to Botswana to meet young Mosarwa on the general importance and national benefits of the product and how to market, publish and use the said products”.

Approved and sanctioned by the New Zealand ministry of health, the B2P micro-magic tester was initially developed as a dairy tester 15 years ago but would eight years later include food beverages as it gets popular amongst the developing nations, among others the United States of America, Australia, Papua New Guinea.

“Due to its versatility and success in these markets, we have decided to enter and support the Botswana Market,” he said, adding Mason-M Advertising & Promotions will market, stock and distribute the product in Botswana.

“This deliberate move by Water Life New Zealand to appoint a Botswana citizen-owned company is in order to empower Batswana economically as well as to ensure that the product will always be available in Botswana,” he noted.

Unlike the current testing, the B2P Micro-magic tester has several advantages ranging from its portability, the rapid test, an on site tester (more like a mobile laboratory), small size, light weight (weighing only 700g), ability to store data and produce both written and graphical reports as the test is being conducted.

It is fitted with a Global Positioning System (GPS) that detects the exact point where the water/food sample was taken from, ease of powering ÔÇô 240 volts/24 volts, use of a car cigarette lighter, standard car battery, and a battery jumper.

The product also has the ability to be used by a non-technical/scientific person due its user-friendliness. It also shows the presence of coliforms and E.coli (Escherichia coli) within a maximum of 14 hours though practically much sooner (at least three hours when sample is placed in tester) as opposed to the conventional laboratory testing methods that take between 48 ÔÇô 72 hours.
Micro-organisms, which signify the presence of either animal or human faecal contamination, Coliforms and E. coli cause diarrheal diseases, dysenteries and are indicators for para-typhoid, typhoid and the possible presence of Vibrio Cholerae (the causative micro-organism for Cholera).

“The early turn-around of results being available enables water service providers or water quality monitors to take efficient and effective remedial measures. Mason-M Advertising & Promotions sincerely believes that this product has a strong place in the Botswana water quality and monitoring programmes that public health inspectors, environmental health officers, environmental health technicians, environmental quality monitors, laboratory personnel, production managers, quality control officers, standards officers, safety health & environment officers and related personnel can utilise in order to easily and quickly identify coliforms and E. Coli,” he argued, insisting “given the ever-increasing cases of various water-borne diseases, including epidemics such as Cholera and related diarrheal diseases, we strongly believe that these personnel would indeed make the most of this simple, yet effective water testing tool in ensuring that these diseases are either reduced or eliminated altogether.”

The micro-magic Tester not only tests for water but also for liquid milk, milk powder, cream, meat products, sea food, vegetables, saline (salty) water and also does swabs of surfaces. The application of the MicroMagic Tester ranges from water utilities, local authorities (district, town and city councils), hotels, food establishments, the military, lodges and safari camps, dairies, water bottling companies, soft drink manufacturing companies, alcoholic beverage manufacturing companies, the meat industry, the poultry industry, schools and tertiary institutions, local farmers, and individuals.

Depending on the reception of the Botswana market for the B2P MicroMagic tester, Water Life, in conjunction with Mason-M Advertising Promotion, is looking at setting up a multi-million dollar manufacturing plant to be based in Botswana, which will not only service Botswana and the Sub-Saharan region but will also provide the much-needed employment to Batswana. Mason-M Advertising Promotions views its entering the Botswana market as a response to President Ian Khama’s call for entrepreneurial Batswana to partner with foreign companies to invest in Botswana through latest technologies and businesses.

Mosarwa is adamant of the business partnership becoming a reality and a success not only in Botswana but the whole of Africa.

With 10 districts and 47 sub-districts, the managing director of Mason-M advertising and Promotions is optimistic Botswana is viable for their business venture should the government and private entities be receptive of their noble project.

The mining industry, national breweries, water bottling companies, soft drink and related beverages companies, dairy farms, poultry processing companies the security forces, schools and tertiary institutions and game reserves are among other targets the Botswana Agent of Water Life Limited would like to provide with their services, particularly that they use much more water and food.
“For example we have the big mining sector with their own schools, housing estates and hospitals, which supplies its water which we are more than ready to provide with service.”

In addition, Mosarwa’s company is not only Botswana’s agent of Waterlife New Zealand, it is also Africa’s first appointed company to supply and distribute the revolutionary safety testing products.


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