Thursday, June 20, 2024

Young UB go-getters act to smash male dominance

It is an indisputable fact that the corporate world is dominated by men and this has prompted some fourth-year female University of Botswana students to form an association called University of Botswana Women in Business Society.

The society got affiliated to the Student Representative Council (SRC) earlier this year to promote, inform and educate female students to pursue business. It targets first-year students as they are in the entry points of choosing careers.

Asked what the mandate of their society was, Obakeng Moroka and Chelsea Sithole, the society’s President, and Marketing and Public Relations Officer respectively, said the 23-member society was “an undergraduate women’s organisation that aims to create business network between UB students and professionals in Botswana and beyond”. 

They say the organisation already has a number of activities lined up to raise funds, popularise it, undertake community outreach and contribute some humanitarian aid to the needy. A Facebook page for ease of communication between members has also been opened.

“We are looking for sponsors for club merchandise such as gazebos and T-shirts. We also intend to involve junior secondary schools,” says Moroka. 

She says the society will further look into the social issues that often tend to be barriers for young women’s progress. 

“There are limiting challenges such as lack of funds and scant moral support from relatives or parents. Many could have achieved more than what they have. Motivation is one aspect of life that we often overlook though it is important,” she says. 

Sithole said it was their wish to adopt rooms at SOS homes where they would donate toiletries such as sanitary pads to the teenage inhabitants there. 

To try and popularise the society, the duo said it would organise a panel discussion were entrepreneurs, lecturers and post-graduates would make presentations. 

“We wish to have a number of activities showcasing the direction we wish to take as the society in the coming semester,” Sithole says.

The duo says the society was not limited to business graduates only. Other members of the community are also invited to come on board.


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