Sunday, May 29, 2022

Youth finding innovative ways of getting ‘high’

The extremes people go to nowadays to get ‘high’ go beyond appalling. They go as far as young girls dipping sanitary tampons into alcoholic beverages and then inserting them up their vaginas hoping to absorb the alcohol into their blood stream through the thin vaginal membrane.

Shocking? Well it is just the beginning of dozens of shocking discoveries made at the Botswana Substance Abuse Support Network (BOSASNet) service providers’ Pitso 2014 on treatment of substance use disorders in Botswana.

In an effort to continue the elevating battle against substance abuse, BOSASNet invited various stake holders from the private and sectors of society to explore ways in which these organizations can come together and find new ways of creating awareness on the dangers of substance abuse and rehabilitation.

Present at this Pitso journalists, psychologists from different organizations, counselors, teachers, Non Governmental Organizations, Botswana Council of Churches and many others relevant to the cause.

During the deliberations each organisation explained their roles in the fight against substance abuse and the challenges they face when they try to carry out their respective mandates.
Although most of them shared the common challenges of lack of commitment from society and lack of resources, one particular point which raised a few eyebrows was brought to the table by young activist Oanthata Sentle from Women Against Rape.

She said more often they were faced with having the very people responsible for instilling discipline failing to set a good example in the community.

Sentle gave an example of leaders who abused alcohol and law enforcers who did the same yet expected the youth to take them seriously when they try to get them on the right path. Therapist Rabiya Mahomed McGeoff also brought an interesting aspect when she indicated that she encourages group counseling, preferably involving the family of the troubled individual.
Regardless of their financial or social status, the younger generation is finding new ways of getting high.

The biggest hurdle is the fact that the drug pushers are relentless and can make intoxicating substances out of almost anything.

Trending right now is the infamous ‘Nyaope’. No clear indication of the correct ingredients have been made, but it includes a lethal combination of substances, which can include heroin, detergent powder, rat poison, and crushed anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs).

The representatives from the different law enforcement agencies however assured attendants that they were trying their best in the fight the use of illegal substances.


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