Thursday, May 23, 2024

Zakhem poised for BFA NEC vice presidency?

Botswana Football League (BFL) board chairman Nicolas Zakhem seems poised for a seat within the Botswana Football Association (BFA) National Executive Committee (NEC), if plans go accordingly.

This follows a suggestion by the BFL shareholders to the BFA seeking for the BFL to be given two positions within the local footballing governing body. The BFL is allegedly requesting the positions of vice president and that of additional member.

According to sources, the BFL board is of the belief as the professional arm of the football association, that it needs to be well represented in the influential positions within the BFA NEC.

If the BFL succeeds in its request, the move will see Zakhem, by virtue of his position as the BFL board chairman, move up from being just a member of the BFA NEC to being one of its two vice presidents.

Should the GU financier ascend to the position, he will become part of local football’s trident of power often known as the Emergency Committee. The committee has of late become notoriously known for sidelining the rest of the BFA NEC in decision making.

Already, there are allegations that the BFA NEC has delayed co-opting a member for the 2nd vice president position as it awaits the arrival of Zakhem. The position fell vacant after holder Masego Nchingane ascended the 1st vice president post following the resignation of Pelotshweu Motlogelwa.

Asked to comment on the matter, BFA chief executive officer Mfolo Mfolo confirmed that discussions are being held around the matter. “It is the discussions we are engaged at on the Memorandum of Agreement in respect of them (BFL) being a BFA special member as a legal entity,” Mfolo explained.

He however refuted the allegations ‘the discussions have nothing to do with the position of BFA NEC VP2 not being filled.’ The BFA ceo however did not specify the number of positions the BFL is seeking within the association.

For his part, BFL ceo Solomon Ramochotlhwane also confirmed the discussions are ongoing. He said their motivation for getting a position at the highest level within the NEC is for professional football to have an influential position in decision making.

The BFL ceo said contrary to what is being said, the discussions have nothing to do with pushing Zakhem into the highest position within the BFA NEC. Rather, he said it is all about BFL being represented in every decision concerning football.

“This is not about Zakhem but about the future. We need to be represented at management level within the BFA NEC. We should have a member representing us within the football association Emergency Committee,” he explained.

“Zakhem will not stay forever as the BFL board chairperson and whoever comes after him will assume the position. This is about creating a legacy and making sure professional football is not sidelined.”

The issue of representation and position within the BFA NEC is allegedly hindering the signing of the MoA which seeks to make the BFL a ‘special member’ of the BFA ‘as a legal entity.’ It is said that once the MoA is signed, a process of constitutional amendment will follow to regularize the BFL status. The constitutional amendment will then be presented to the BFA General Assembly for ratification, after which the BFL will get the positions which will be agreed on within the national executive committee.


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