Thursday, April 25, 2024

Zambian company manufactures fake Botswana immigration date stamps

Zambia this week busted two men who were running an underground printing company that sold counterfeit Botswana immigration date stamps.

Zambia police in the capital Lusaka have confirmed arresting two men who ran a printing company concealed in a container where various unofficial documents were made.
The printing company sold individuals various documents such as those from the courts, insurance companies and motor vehicle certificates, Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation reported Thursday.

A number of date stamps, others from embassies and another from Botswana immigration border post, which might have been used to clear vehicles, have also been recovered.

Inspector General of Police, Ephraim Mateyo, who inspected the equipment which is now at Kabwata Police Station warned that criminals would have it thick.

Mateyo thanked members of the public for reporting the illegal printing company and assured that those who inform the police will have their identities kept secret.
One of the men involved in the printing of the documents is on the run.


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