Sunday, August 7, 2022

Zambian expatriates dominate government ministries

Parliament was this week told that Zambians dominate government ministries. Answering questions in parliament this week Ministers of Lands and Housing and Assistant Minister of Education, Ndelu Seretse and Mbaakanyi, respectively, told parliament that their ministries are dominated by Zambians.

Seretse said out of a total number of 14 expatriates working for the BHC, Zambia tops with 5 persons out of a total of 495 employees.

On other issues, Seretse said the contract value of these 14 expatriates based on their current emoluments, including terminal benefits is P3,236,439.00, adding that the longest serving expatriate is a manager in the engineering section and has served BHC for 15 years.

He further revealed the post will be localized at the expiry of the officer’s contract which is on March 31, 2007.

Seretse promised the House that his ministry intended to localize all positions held by expatriates through understudies. He said in situations where Batswana cannot be identified to localize the expatriate-held posts, such posts will be advertised to attract candidates from the open market.

Seretse was answering a question from Tswapong South MP Molebatsi.

Honourable Mbaakanyi told parliament that her ministry has a total of 469 expatriates with Zambians leading the park with 109 persons.
On other issues Mbaakanyi said the contract value for these expatriates is P139, 182,975.30 for a period of three years.

Mbaakanyi said the value covers basic salaries, contract addition and leave pay for the three year contract period as well as gratuity at the end of contract.

She further revealed that the longest serving expatriate had served for 25 years, teaching agriculture at the College of Education.

Her ministry intended to localize the posts should suitable Batswana candidates be found. She said the ministry would continue to develop teachers in the areas currently occupied by the expatriates.


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