Thursday, October 1, 2020

Zanu PF official threaten MDC Finance ministers over monetary policies

A top Zanu PF official, who is also the vice president of a local pressure group, the Affirmative Action Group (AAG), Themba Mliswa, has threatened to confront and force MDC Ministers of Finance and Economic Development, Tendai Biti and Elton Mangoma, to release funds to new farmers who benefited from President Robert Mugabe’s land reform in 2000.

He said the two ministers were sabotaging the inclusive government by refusing to channel $500 million acquired from the IMF towards agriculture.

“The two ministers are sabotaging the successful land reform programme. They are reluctant to disburse the IMF funds towards agriculture.

We want to warn them that we are not going to let them sabotage the economy by refusing to give farmers loans, we are definitely going to take action against them,” said Mliswa. “We want these politicians not to politicise the issue of agriculture because it is a national food issue.”

“Farmers do not have anything to give banks as collateral because they have not been making profits over the past five years because of illegal sanctions.”

The AAG has also warned to take over Nestle Zimbabwe if it continues to refuse to buy milk from First Lady, Grace Mugabe.

Meanwhile farm equipment distributed last year by controversial Reserve Bank Governor, Gideon Gono, to members of Police Protection Unit (PPU), is lying idle at Tomlinson Depot in Harare as the beneficiaries have nowhere to put them.

PPU is responsible for escorting the Presidential motorcade, guarding diplomats and Zanu PF ministers and senior party officials.

In a bid to persuade them to remain loyal, last year the Reserve Bank Governor gave each one of them an ox-drawn scotch-cart, generator, a harrow, ox-drawn plough and knapsack sprayer. All these are lying idle in the police camp.

According to police officers who benefited from that programme, they were just given the farm implements without soliciting for them.

“Everyone in the PPU department was given a full set of the equipment. Most of us sold the implements because we had nowhere to put them. We do not have farms and the Government bribed us with these irrelevant things,” said one police officer who is left with a scotch cart which has no wheels.

“Last year was a difficult year and we benefited from selling the equipment, which we traded at give away prices to real farmers who were supposed to benefit. Scotch cart wheels were sold to car owners, and I am planning to sell the scotch cart body to the members of the Apostolic Church who are bothering me,” said another police officer, who is part of the presidential guard at State House.


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