Sunday, May 29, 2022

Zebras slowly opening up to new, younger players

In the past, the national team was dominated by the same faces, no matter the nature of the game.
Coaches were afraid to give other players a chance, especially the youngsters.

Those that were sometimes given a chance were from the Under 23 and for that matter it was only a fraction of them.

Currently, since the incumbent coach, Stanley Tshosane, took over, he seems to have changed the approach of rigid selection and is giving many young players a chance and most of them are not disappointing. What is interesting is that several of them are from the national Under 20 team.
Young players, such as Mogakolodi ‘Tsotso’ Ngele and Ofentse Nato, have had their chance of donning national team colours.

Although the coach cannot make wholesale changes at a go, so far several players who were from the Under 23 have already found their way in.
Against New Zealand a month ago, defenders Musa Ohilwe and Mosimanegape Ramohibidu made their mark. Others, like Gobonyeone ‘Shoes’ Selefa, Moreetsi Mosimanyana, once made their mark and it is only a matter of time before the duo comes back.

Others, like Moemedi Moatlhaping, Dirang Moloi, Phenyo Mongala look set to be regulars.
For Under 20 players, Ngele is yet to adapt because he has made minimal impact in the games in which he featured. Maybe he is yet to have an understanding with other fellow strikes in the team.
At the Under 20, Ngele had an incredible combination with Aubrey Kebonnetse of Township Rollers.

Kebonnetse, on the other hand, is yet to be given a regular run at his team and that could be the reason why Tshosane is overlooking him. Nato has transferred his team performance to the national team. At team level his performance is flying and he is the reason the team is leading the league.
On his debut against New Zealand last month, he did incredibly well in the midfield and was a contender for Man of the Match award.

Another Under 20 player who looks set to don the national team jersey is goalkeeper, Kabelo Dambe.
The young lad has so far done incredibly well at the Under 20 and even at his team, Township Rollers.
Normally goalkeepers grow with age and while still under the age of 20, he has a very bright future. What puts him above others is his agility and reflexes. National team coach, Tshosane, has since said the player impresses him the most about his ability to use his legs when the going is tough.
He said most goalkeepers are lacking in such ability.


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