Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Zeus releases Touch the Sky video

Award winning hip hop sensation Game Bantsi popularly known as ‘Zeus’ in┬á the music circles did a collaboration with the growing teen movement, Sky Girls, that resulted in the release of his Touch the Sky single last year. The single came after the two realised that the only way they could send a message to many young people is through music.?The song was written and produced by the Ma-Afrikastar, and recorded at DIY Studios.┬á

It debuted on Yarona FM’s interactive show, The Sunday Sky, in May 2014 and received rave reviews from the show’s listeners. It has since been playing on various radio stations. The public’s massive interest prompted the movement and Zeus to give into the demand and shoot a video for the song.??Speaking to Arts and Society, Sky’s Lorato Tebogo said as Sky Girls were the inspiration behind the song, Sky thought it fitting to give the girls an opportunity to be part of the project. She said that Sky created a competition where the girls were asked to come up with a concept for the video and the best concept was then selected and the girl who wrote it was featured in the video.

“Hundreds of young girls from all over Botswana submitted their concepts in hopes of being selected to feature in the video. Through careful consideration of all the entries, Sky was most captivated with an entry by a young girl named Kutlwano Sosong aged 16 who is a student at Bonnington JSS,” she said.??The video debuted on national TV on the music show Flavour Dome on Friday. The winning Sky girl Kutlwano Sosong was also present to share how she came up with the concept and her experience of the shoot.?“Zeus was the right person for this song as he is also the Sky ambassador,” Tebogo said.

“The single is available at various retail outlets across the country including Mafia Soul and Brands Unlimited. Direct orders are also available through Zeus’ management company, DIY Management.”?Tebogo said that Sky, which goes by the slogan – Shapo ka Yone, Sure ka Yone- is a sisterhood of teenage girls from across Botswana who have pledged to stay true themselves and follow the Sky pledge that encourages choosing the right decisions in life.

“This pledge is about positively influencing the girl child so that they are in a position to take a stand against things they are not comfortable with,” she said.?Tebogo said that teenagers are faced with many challenges that may ruin their lives forever if the right decision is not taken and that is where Sky family comes in as they help the girl child avoid negative peer pressure. “By empowering the girl child, it would result in the empowerment of other girls and boys out there and the world can be a better place for everyone,” Tebogo said.


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