Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Zeus struts ‘Stream Africa ‘Unconference’

Local rapper Game “Zeus” Bantsi this past week attended the annual innovative “Stream Africa Unconference” held in Stellenbosch, South Africa from December 7 to 10, Hosted by Scott Spirit, Chief Digital Officer of WPP and Nunu Ntshingila, Head of Facebook Africa.

The attendants discussed the future of creativity, technology and business across Africa. 

If you might be wondering what “unconference “means, picture a participant-driven seminar full of interactive activities. With no agenda or brief, guests get to be inventive about how the three days unfoldÔÇösomething that makes the platform unique. LifeStyle caught up with the rapper to hear about his participation at the event.

“Stream is quite an involved event in that close to all of the content is created by the participants. Coming from over 20 industries, guests included leading brands, start-ups, agencies and media companies from across Africa,” said Bantsi. 

“The focus is more on digital advertising, communication and all things related to content creation. I have gained many insights that I feel will be valuable to our local spaces. It was interesting being there as an artist in an advertising oriented event,” he added. 

As one of the co-founders of the blooming lifestyle event “Jam for Brunch”, he says the conference made him gain an appreciation of brand building through a fresh perspective. He says the conference explored concepts and ideas ranging from politics, global economies, culture to social issues.

Bantsi noted how the rapid evolution of technology is taking precedence in most industries. “From many discussions that took place, it seems inevitable that the future of advertising is on digital platforms. It’s a trend that most industries must see as presenting great possibilities, especially in Africa. Given all the opportunities for content globally, I believe we could be doing more as a country. Our creative industries need to verge in a direction that embraces digital platforms, as well as the public,” he stated.

Bantsi will also be featured on the Huffington Post detailing his journey.


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