Monday, March 4, 2024

15 Good Reasons why staying in Botswana is tops

First of all, why would anyone want to live elsewhere when Botswana is still counted amongst the most peaceful countries in the world?
Yes, there are a few exceptions here and there, passion killings and petty thefts, but the statistics are still at manageable levels.
Look at the bright side; we haven’t experienced suicide bombers at our three shopping malls…yet!

Secondly, our people have a tolerant culture that instils morals and discipline (not the president’s type of discipline) amongst the youth. I mean, have you heard the way children from overseas dare disrespect their parents by hurling profanities at them?
Not a Motswana child.

3. Botswana, like its neighbour SA, is a mini rainbow nation with Batswana people living in harmony with the whites, Indians and Chinese etc. Some even have children with them.
Now women, why would you want to live elsewhere?

4. We are the only country where each family has four entirely different homes e.g. the Moraka (cattle post), the masimo (Lands), the village and the house in town or city.

The fifth reason is just the beautiful wildlife and attractive natural resources that just attract people from overseas and other countries of the world, including Africa, to come visit while increasing our country’s income.
The Okavango, the Motloutse River, Chobe, Makgadikgadi Pans are just a few examples of our country’s attractions.

The sixth reason is simply our national pride. Diamonds made our country reach the level of achievement it has at the moment. Our country remains one of the richest countries in the developing world because of these precious stones.

7. Botswana has some of Africa’s most beautiful women – period!

8. Our literacy level is amongst the highest in the developing world, what with the government trying to ensure that each and every child receives the best education available.
Also, enough centers offer Adult Education to all citizens.

9. There are handsome men of different races in abundance.

10. Toyota Desert Race. This annual do has picked up international appeal and has started to get the international recognition that it deserves.

11. Women empowerment is picking up steam and that can only mean good news for the nation.

12. Local media, with the exception of state broadcaster BTV, offer accurate coverage and information.

13. Families comprising of alcoholics!

14. We have spies in our country, no funny business!

And the fifteenth reason is a dilly, if I may say so.
Our taxi men don’t have guns…yet and Yippie!!!


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