About Us


Sunday Standard is a member of the Botswana Press Council and fully subscribes to the country’s Media Code of Ethics.

The Chief Custodian of the Sunday Standard Editorial Policy shall be the Editor of the Newspaper.

Key among the objectives of the Editorial Policy of the Sunday Standard is to contribute towards an open and democratic Botswana in which government is based on the will of the people.

Our Editorial Policy shall underpin our drive to improve the quality of Batswana, based on a principle of giving each and everyone of them an opportunity to realize their potential: hence we shall strive to cover national policy issues, development and economic issues, gender issues, environmental issues and to fearlessly give every Motswana an opportunity to use the Newspaper as a platform through which they can advance their ideas, opinions and aspirations.

The Newspaper’s Editorial Policy is based on strict principles of fairness, accuracy, independence, integrity and balanced reporting.

While maintaining an independent Editorial Policy , Sunday Standard shall not publish articles, pictures, items or any such excerpts that will undermine the country’s culture of tolerance, mutual existence and discrimination.

The Policy shall be awake of the interests of the country’s minority including the traditionally, culturally and socially disadvantaged groups such as women, children and the generally disadvantaged ethnic and cultural groups.

In short the paper shall be sensitive in publishing those stories that are likely to further marginalize or entrench the status of such groups.

We have in place policies of ethical check and counter checks to ensure that the newspaper’s editorial staff lives up to the promises and principles made in our editorial code.

Sunday Standard shall not accept gifts, favours, special treatment or privileges that could compromise our integrity and independence.

We shall not allow advertising, commercial, political or personal considerations to influence our editorial decisions.

Our Editorial Policy makes it mandatory to seek balance by presenting all sides of the story.

We however want to point out that achieving this in a single story article may not always be possible, hence the need to do follow ups within a reasonable time.

We take it upon ourselves that errors of fact will always be promptly corrected and clearly published. We shall not hide our apologies or corrections behind subsequent stories. Apologies and corrections shall be given equal prominence as the stories they are meant to correct.

We do not take sides. We do not subscribe or support anyone political party in Botswana. We aim to report objectively and at all times pay particular attention to sensitive situations to avoid instances that may harm the security of the country, cause tribal or ethnical hatred or harm the socially disadvantaged groups like the minorities.

We promise to stay awake of the dangers of discrimination; and such discrimination being furthered by the media.

We therefore shall do everything to avoid promoting discrimination on the basis of gender, race, language, culture, political persuasion, class, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, marital status or disability.

We promise to give all sides equal chance to promote and advance their position and arguments while reserving our discretion not to publish those portions that may deem go beyond the realms of free speech and tolerance as to harm public peace.

We promise Batswana in particular that they can rely on Sunday Standard and its journalists to provide accurate, clearly sourced accounts of events while at the same time empowering them by way of providing a platform through which they can interface, interact and interrogate their government and other institutions that impact on the governance of the Republic of Botswana.

Sunday Standard shall respect individual’s legitimate to privacy and will not do anything that entails intrusion into private grief and distress, unless it is justified by overriding considerations of public interest.