Monday, March 20, 2023

30 hopefuls make the cut for World Supermodel Botswana

This past weekend Sky Lounge hosted auditions for the Botswana edition of World Supermodels pageant, where over 100 young women tried their luck. 

Only 30 made the cut. 

“We managed to select 17 young women and 13 teenagers who will compete for the final two positions,” said organiser Nature Inger, herself a former Miss World Supermodel.

Speaking to Arts and Society on Monday, Inger said although they selected only 30 from the more than 100 young hopefuls who showed up, they were actually looking for 40 finalists. “The judges will go on a scouting trip this week to select the remaining 10,” she said. 

The young ladies were initially measurements to determine if their height satisfied the stipulated 1, 7m before being judged on looks. They were also divided according to the categories in which they would be competing; Miss World Supermodel Botswana and Miss Teenage Supermodel Botswana. Inger said the international organisation does not compromise on height hence the strict 1, 7 m height. 

“In fact, the international requirement is 1, 74 m, but I decided to just bring it down because I know our women are not necessarily the tallest in the world. I struggled with height myself when I competed,” she said. 

The rest of the 10 hopefuls still to be scouted for will include three women and seven teenagers, bringing the final number to 20 per category. The ages for both categories are 16-19 and 20-28 for Miss Teenage Supermodel Botswana and Miss World Supermodel Botswana respectively. The forty will undergo various exercises and training in the lead up to a promotional fashion show followed by the crowning night. Inger also revealed that the judges will make a preliminary judgement to select the top 10 prior to crowning night. 

“The identities of the top ten will not be made public until the final day,” Inger said. It will also be entirely the judges’ prerogative to select the winners.

Two lucky contestants will win a ticket to represent Botswana at the international event. The ninth annual World Supermodel international competition takes place between 12 and 21st March, 2016 in South Africa. Inger headed the auditions judging panel that included Uyapo Ketlogetswe (fashion photographer), Sarah Marie (Shinka Beauty Studio), and Kat-Kai-Kol-Kes (activist). Inger represented Botswana at the Miss World Supermodel competition in Fiji (2014) and won. “I have always loved fashion and I did my first photo-shoot when I was just twelve years old,” she once told The Pageant Planet. “I fell in love with it and hunted down every modelling opportunity thereafter.” She said although she had quite a bit of experience with high-fashion and runway modelling, she had never competed in a pageant until she took part in the World Supermodel Pageant in Fiji, in November 2014. “I had so much fun and I am honoured to have returned to my home country, Botswana with the crown,” Inger said.

The World Supermodel production is an international competition for models aged between 20-30years and was created to identify the next leading World Supermodels regardless of their marital status
This choreographed show showcases the world’s latest fashions and leading designers, whilst promoting countries cultures and lifestyles to the rest of the world. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to discover the world’s most outstanding individuals whilst providing them with a platform for international achievement and national recognition. 


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