Saturday, March 25, 2023

A chat with an Interior Designer

Interior design is slowly gaining attention in Botswana and many Batswana are actually becoming more open to the idea of paying someone to decorate their living spaces.

Interior design involves transforming spaces by using elements of design in order to make a space reach its full capability.

An interior designer has the responsibility of decorating the functionality of a client’s place whether the space is residential, commercial or industrial.

In most cases, interior designers work closely with architects and clients to determine the structure of a space.

Bonolo Obatleng, an interior designer in the making, gives an insight into what an interior designer should be like.

She starts by saying that, first and foremost, an interior designer should have a bubbly personality and love people. Obatleng reasons that it allows a designer to adjust to different personalities of her clients so as to know how to serve them best according to their personality and taste.

The ever smiling young lady goes on to say that if you are to succeed as an interior designer, you should be able to adjust to different situations in your place of work. She says that a client can change their mind at the last minute on an agreed design plan and want something totally new and, as an interior designer, you should be open to such possibilities.

According to Obatleng, an interior designer should be creative, artistic and be able to sketch. Such skills come in handy because interior designers must also have a knowledge about the material and products that will be used to furnish the space as well as how texture, colour and lighting and other factors combine and interact at the end of the day to make a space.

On top of that, interior designers should have an understanding of the structural requirements of plans, health and safety issues and many other technical aspects.

Among the many qualities an interior designer should have is the need to be disciplined, organised and skilled as a business person.

Obatleng goes on to say that a designer should have passion because being passionate motivates the interior designer to impress and deliver.

She, however, expresses disappointment and says that there are less than ten interior design companies in Botswana. She says that although there is still more to be done, Batswana will eventually get there and appreciate the service that interior designers have to offer.

She further says that Batswana should not just stick to old methods but should have an open mind and consult with people who know eco friendly ways of doing business, in this case interior designers.


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