Friday, April 12, 2024

A magnificent sense of the newly opened Regent Lodge

Nestled in the inner metropolis suburb of Kgale View, Gaborone, near Botho University and Game city, the Regent Lodge (not to be confused with Regent Hotel) offers a breathtaking break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The quiet but urban neighbourhood paves way to what could seem like a walk to the golden castle with it’s rustic medieval ambience. Backdropped by chirping birds, greenery and an unimposing structure, the Regent Lodge feels like a home away from home.

The exterior is clean with a stone grey paint that is surprisingly welcoming, and the paved yard and small gardens show a touch of homeliness and comfort. When entering the lodge, one is struck by the modern and stylish interior d├®cor, with unique artworks hanging from the walls, and artistic curtains draping the windows. I fall in love with the unique cushions on the reception chair. That’s the first thing that appeals to any visitor; the excellent d├®cor with clean cut finishings. The d├®cor is top notch.

When I arrive at the lodge, I am welcomed by the manager, Tony Manabalala, and sit down to their sumptuous breakfast with an offer of an English and Mediterranean breakfast. I gobble down the pieces of bacon and poached eggs but soon find myself gobbling away, while watching the news from a smart flat screen television set placed strategically in front of the breakfast room, where all the guests sit. The chef, Kagiso, who is noticeably young, has outdone himself. Having worked as an intern at the Regent Hotel, he is now proving his passionate menace in his own kitchen as the head chef of the lodge.

The lodge offers a home-like appeal, which makes you want to curl up with a book or nap away.

Regent group marketing manager, Lyllian Abrahamson, who also oversees the Regent hotel in extension ten, says the lodge opened its doors this past Wednesday, yet on the first night, they already had six occupants. Not bad for a start…

Regent lodge boasts 15 rooms, one of which is an elegant family suite that left me breathless. Situated upstairs, above the reception and lobby, the first section of the huge space is for the parents, and has a bed and television. A sliding door leads into the children’s compartment, which has two double beds.
The crisp white cotton sheets on the beds, surrounded by stunning but sparsely decorated d├®cor give the rooms a warm attraction. The gleamy spotless bathroom has both a bathtub and shower, complete with a set of white towels.
The view from the balcony is magnificent, and offers a wonderful view of the Kgale Hill and the surrounding residential area.

Although it’s classified as a lodge in Botswana, in international standards it would be a boutique hotel, as confirmed by Abrahamson. A boutique hotel is a cut between a lodge and hotel, and is usually situated in a fashionable urban location, as is the case with Regent, which lies in the heart of the up market yet laid back Kgale View area, a stone’s throw away from Phase 4, as well as office parks, a major shopping mall and university.

The Regent Lodge is a stunning side-shoot of the Regent hotel.
An enterprising Motswana couple, Abel and Tshidi Ralebala, owns the Regent Hotel and Lodge. I later learn that Tshidi did the interior decoration, and is quite hands-on in the operations, sometimes even digging away in the garden!

The staff at the lodge make the stay more worthwhile because they are courteous and friendly, always sharing a smile.

The lodge is a great place for out-of-town guests looking for a comfortable place for their stays (it’s also in a convenient location in close proximity to shopping malls and other interesting attractions like the swimming school and Roman Catholic Church close by).

It’s also a good stay place for families who want a breathe of fresh air and sleep elsewhere apart from home for a night or two, or couples to enjoy a romantic sleepover.

The d├®cor, ambience, personalised service and the atmosphere filled with a sense of intimacy, especially as the staff make guests feel extraordinary, given the attention they give, anticipating the guests’ every need and engaging them in small talk.

When I finally leave the lodge, I do so begrudgingly, wishing I could stay a little bit longer. However, I know I will be back…


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