Monday, June 5, 2023

A man’s character can be judged from the kind and state of shoes he wears

A considerable number of men are not aware that in first time interactions, women judge their personality and character by simply checking out their shoes. The fact is that the story of personality is in many ways the story of secularization of the human soul. The kind of shoes that a man puts on has over time influenced how they are perceived by women in society. How a man takes care of his shoes indicates how well he handles himself, how he approaches different circumstances and, most importantly, how he handles his woman.

Shoes are a very significant aspect of a gentlemen‘s wardrobe. Women can perceive, from first glance, the kind of man they are dealing with by merely checking out the kind of shoes that he wearing.

I recently read a book written by Donna Sozio, titled “never trust a man in alligator loafers: What his shoes really say about his true love potential”. I was really amused by what I read, and wondered if a man’s shoes really say something about his true love potential. Sozio argues that shoes need care and maintenance just like relationships, and the attention that a man bestows to his shoes directly reflects on his persona.

For some insight into what your man’s shoes say about his true character and relationship, here are some of Donna Sozio’s views on what a man’s shoes say about his potential to love;

Alligator Loafers
“The shoes a man wears and the way he treats them are fail- safe indicators of not only his romantic personality but also the way he will treat his woman” she says.

What would you naturally do if an alligator came towards you when you were on a date? Take that response and apply it to how you should approach this guy, says Sozio. “Alligators are opportunistic eaters, they crouch and wait until their prey isn’t looking, then they pounce. So will a guy wearing alligator shoes” she warns. Be on high alert when you are around guys wearing alligator shoes because they are devious and secretive.

Hiking Boots
Sozio says a man who wears Timberland hiking boots on a date or dinner is the type of person who wants to feel like he could be on a mountain within eight seconds if he wanted to, regardless of where he was. This guy is impulsively adventurous, so he is looking for a woman who does not make him feel restrained. “As long as you don’t make him feel tied down he will be a loyal partner” says Sozio.

High-end designer shoes
Guys who sport this season’s Gucci moccasins and Prada boots may very well be what Sozio calls collectors .This guy not only collects names, brands, and shoes, but also women as trophies. Such men see women as accessories that should be bandied around to boost their egos. They will most likely not bother to spend the time or effort required for nurturing a relationship.

Men’s sandals
Sozio remarks that a man who wears men’s sandals on a date is confused, and has a character identity crisis. “This guy is caught somewhere between Mr. Laid- back- surfer-dude and Mr. Corporate. He wants to be open and free but he doesn’t know how to do it,” says Sozio. So be careful of becoming his transitional or in -between girlfriend.

Trendy sneakers
A man who rocks a colorful pair of Adidas is someone who prides himself on being well put together, urban and cool says Sozio. “Even if he pairs these sneakers with a blazer, this guy wants to make you know he likes to keep things casual”, she asserts. This man is a creative independent thinker, which Sozio cautions may mean that he will be difficult to pin down.

“If you are interested in impressing this guy, create an atmosphere where he can be in a relationship with you, yet feel independent at the same time”, she cautions.

Suede Bucks
When evaluating a man wearing these preppy classics you must first consider his age. “These are old man shoes. If a young guy is wearing them, it most likely indicates that he is sort of an old guy at heart” says Sozio.

He will be somewhat conservative and stodgy; never deviating from what traditional society wants him to do. So be careful. If he is old, then he will definitely be solid and dependable.
Worn out pair of sneakers
A guy who shows up for a date wearing worn out disheveled sneakers shows no respect for himself or his date.

“You have to wonder how a guy who doesn’t care enough to present himself well on a first meeting will treat you in future. Don’t think the guy is simply trying to be casually cool because such a look can come out in the form of spiffy, well maintained athletics shoes” she cautions. A man who picks you up wearing ratty foot wear isn’t interested in showing you his best or the respect you deserve.
In the end, it is up to both men and women to decide if these are just impractical theories or tried and tested methods through which a man’s character can be judged.


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