Saturday, December 3, 2022

A Miss 1966 Botswana pageant in the offing

A pageant of its own kind has been organised by the reigning Mr and Miss 40th Anniversary Independence, Edwin Keautlwe and Anastacia Chakalisa, who were crowned in 2006.

The two have organised the Mr and Miss 1966 Botswana pageant solely for people who were born in 1966.

In an interview with Sunday Standard, Keautlwe said, “The intention of this pageant is to create awareness and sensitise the nation about the importance and values of independence celebrations.”
Keautlwe noted that the pageant is a unique one as the contestants will not parade half naked and looking artificial.

“We do not want to see their figures out; contestants will be dressed modestly, with no makeup,” he said, adding that the Omang is the visa to participating in this pageant.

He continued saying through this exercise, they envision a likelihood of increased national pride and, ultimately, a positive better acknowledgement of society.

“The project aims to revive, promote and encourage Batswana to participate in their national activities,” he said.

Keautlwe said it is their intention to make this an annual event until 2016 when they will be handing over the crown.

He noted that they have undertaken this pageant as they are charged with the responsibility to campaign and create awareness to revive independence as a build up to 2016 when they will be celebrating their 50 years of independence.

To commemorate the Independence Day they will start off with a beauty pageant, traditional parade and a march, which will take people to Scottish Livingstone Hospital where Mr and Miss 40th Anniversary together with the 1966 born will donate some toiletry and foodstuff to the patients.
“A visit to the hospital will be part of the celebrations as some families may not have time to visit their patients; hence we decided to celebrate with them,” he said.

There is an on-going audition, which is running until the 11th September 2010 with the finals on the 25th September 2010 in Francistown and a traditional parade by the 1966 born citizens.
The pageant is slated for the 25th September 2010.

The main events of that pageant will take place at Molepolole Village where many cultural activities will be held to celebrate our independence day with a march by the 1966 born citizens led by Mr and Miss 40th Anniversary Independence from Molepolole Sports Complex.
He added that apart from the pageant, the impact of the event will be felt by everyone as a collective achievement by the society.

“For the first time ever, independence celebrations will be branded with ‘1966′ as a trademark to promote our independence. A clothing brand called 1966 will be launched as a new way of enhancing our independence,” he said.


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